We celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary last January 11 in Gustavus.

Gustavus is a recently opened steakhouse in Legaspi Village that proudly serves only USDA Prime Beef. The restaurant is challenging Elbert’s Steak supremacy in Manila with the help of Hongkong-based Scottish chef David Griffith and Chef Aya Dantes.

The restaurant is named after Gustavus, supposedly the Inventor of Steaks, according to Mike Gayoso (one of the many partners). Although I’ve searched the net, I can’t find any information about Gustavus. Can you help?

Gustavus Menu: All Day Menu | Entrees | Steak Menu

The steaks are very good indeed. I wouldn’t be surprised if Elbert’s and Gustavus had the same steak supplier. However, the overall experience at Gustavus is still evolving because the chairs used are still from the F Word restaurant, the waiters are clueless about the menu, and the food presentation is a bit boring pa.

They still have a long way to go before they can be at par with Elbert’s. Better try this one month after they have stabilized already (maybe in Feb).

They have an interesting selection of Premium Beers, like the Flying Dog (P280), Dead Guy Rogue (P320) and Chimay Peres Trappist (P310).

Tempura Soft Shell Crab (P260+ 12% VAT +10% Service Charge). Comes with Thai Mango Salad & Chili Tomato Remoulade.

Rache wanted the soft shell crab. It was tasty and the crab was crispy enough. There was a lot of liquid, though, which slightly ruined this salad.

Ribeye 12 oz. (340g – P1955 + 12% VAT +10% Service Charge). USDA Prime Beef — The Reason for Gustavus.

We ordered the 12 oz. ribeye and decided to split it (one is cooked medium for me and the other one cooked medium-well for Rache). It was very good — soft and tasty, especially the layers of fat in between the meat. The plating was uninspired, though.

We were surprised when we were charged +12% VAT on top of the menu prices (even if it was not specified in the menu) and +10% service charge. If you’ve read OAP before, you know I really hate it when restaurants hide +12% VAT charges. Why not just add it to the menu price? Aargh.

1/18/09 UPDATE: Mike was very kind enough to check out our bill again. The VAT was just misrepresented when the bill was presented to us by the waiter. The menu price did include VAT already and we are only charge +10% service charge. 

On a lighter note, here’s a fun photo of Rache. 

A Pre-Wedding Preparation in Canyon Woods Video (Part 1 of 3)

To reminisce our wedding, I’ll share with you our wedding video created by Jason Magbanua. At that time, Jason was not yet popular. He gave us a VCD copy of our wedding video and he rejected my request to do an onsite wedding video because he did not have a laptop then. 

Anton & Rachelle January 11 Caleruega Wedding Video (Part 2 of 3)

Watch this to see our memorable wedding memories with our favorite wedding song You’re Still You by Josh Groban.

The Canyon Woods Reception Video (Part 3 of 3)

Thank you to all the people who helped us in our Caleruega wedding. It’s good to remember those moments, especially on our 7th wedding anniversary.

Anton and Rachelle after 7 years and 3 boys… 🙂

We will try the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich next time…

Nothing But Prime
Ground Floor, F&M Lopez Building
109 C. Palanca Street 
(Former Location of F Word)
Legaspi Village, Makati

Monday to Friday: Lunch and Dinner
Saturday: Dinner Only
Closed on Sunday

For reservations please call 813-0475 and 502-9102

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P.S.  I’m now thinking about how we will celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary… Hmmm, any suggestions?