ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 3.0 RATING: 3.6 out of 5.0

The story of Happy Cream Puff is very inspiring. Ever since we discovered them last December 2006, I’ve seen how they expanded from being an Alabang-based business to a Makati-based one with two branches. We should be proud of homemade ventures and entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams.

I had no doubt that they would pass the Ultimate Taste Test 3.0. Most foodies raved about them. However, some commented that it is nothing new already, but I still think that after 3 years, there are still some people who have never been introduced to Happy Cream Puff.

Their fresh preparation of the Cream Puff is something hard to beat. Our personal favorite is the eclair with a little chocolate topping. Their small Legaspi Village branch is a hit and it is like a neighborhood cafe around the business district.

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What Foodies Are Saying About Happy Cream Puff
“Was expecting caramel cream puff to be too sweet, but was amazed, it was just right!”
“Yummy but nothing new”
“Just plain tasting.”
“Just ordinary.”
“Nothing Great.”
“Taste like the other Cream Puff.”
“Always been a fan :)”
“Perfect (puff was not too thick)”
“Good variety. Not too sweet, which is great!”
“Good Cream Puff. Very Creative.”
“Not too sweet. I Loved it!”
“The Cream Puff is Dry.”
“The sugar-caramel topping attracts moisture, bad for cream puff.”
“bite sized. Not nakakasawa not bitin either!”
“needs more OOMPH – Chocolate topping or Sweeter Filling?”
“Realllly Goood! :)”

Table of Contents

The Happy Cream Puff Story

Where did it all start, this rage for rich, creamy mouthfuls of puffs that spoke tales of happiness and refined sweetness? Way back in October 2006, Happy Cream Puff started its humble beginnings..in the heart of Alabang on the Ground Level of the South Area Metropolis Mall.

After eight months or so, Happy Cream Puff spawned new flavors and became a household name among its growing fanbase. Like with all other business endeavors, successful owners Mr. and Mrs. Yamagishi had to expand its operations by delivering boxes to residences in plush villages like Ayala Alabang and other neighboring areas. Their consistent hard work and perseverance led to great success for this couple.

New ways of making things work came about. Soon, they were offered a space at SM (South Mall, Las Pinas), which lasted for two long years of constant service and hard work. In June 2009, they thought of moving to a better location and finally settled at 7224 Malugay St. corner Buendia, Brgy. Bel-Air, Makati.

Now, Happy Cream Puff has opened another branch in the heart of Makati — Castro Street cor. Dela Rosa, Legaspi Village — and it is still planning to expand in the coming years.

And to think that it all started just with moderately sweet, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth puffs… Small dreams can really turn into great possibilities.

The Happy Cream Puff Products

Happy Cream Puff
Contact Maria Cecilia Yamagishi
[email protected]
Telephone: +632-707-1263
Mobile :+63 921-818-7626
Website: www.happycreampuff.com


The Zone Branch is near the Zone Badminton Court.

The Zone
Malugay Street corner Buendia, Bel-Air, Makati City
Telephone: +632 707-1263
Open 10am to 9pm



The Legaspi branch is quite small (it can comfortably fit 10 people) and they already removed the free wifi and TV so that people don’t hang out too long. But you’ll still often find that the cafe is at full capacity during business days.

It is a good place for dessert when you are in the Rada area. Unfortunately, there are no parking spaces because it is just a corner store.

Unit G-16 Rada Regency
Castro corner De la Rosa St. near Rada
Legaspi Village, Makati City

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