There was perfect weather throughout the day until evening came, when the World Pyro Olympics was about to start. Nevertheless, rain or shine, the Greatest Show on Earth had to go on. The first firing by Germany was pushed back to 8pm and China immediately followed at 8.30pm.

Although China was the better pyro-musical performance with a medley of romantic Chinese love songs ala Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, there was a lot of smoke that covered parts of the fireworks show (probably leftover smoke from Germany’s performance). The haze stood still as if big, dark clouds hovered over the VIP section. There was no wind like in MOA (maybe due to the heavy rain), so the smoke remained and covered a big part of the fireworks area.

The world-class fireworks show was a sight to behold — it made us feel like kids again, just watching in silence, with mesmerized smiles on our faces. Thanks to the organizers for making the World Pyro Olympics more accessible by setting it up in Bonifacio Global City!

You can enter the big entrances located along the roads in the Boni High Street area. I do hope they can put a ticket booth at all entrances though, because last Saturday, it was a bit of a hassle to walk to the ticket booth areas.

There are inflatable displays and slides for the kids.

The P1,500 VIP area is directly in front of the fireworks and it is located beside Serendra. There are only a few tents available, so when it rained, most of the tables and chairs got wet.

(Please share your experience, especially those who were in the VIP area.)

The National Anthems of the competing countries are played first before the actual fireworks performance.

This is the SVA Area where you have to pay P500 (with no food). Some people were disappointed because they were required to buy from Friday’s and other food concessionaires to get a table and a chair. I do hope that they change this policy for succeeding Saturdays.

(Please share your experience, especially those who were in the SVA area.)

The Best Vantage Point, I believe, is the P200 General Viewing Area. You could appreciate the entire fireworks show from there without feeling crowded. There, you could also buy inihaw and chichirya from the different food concessionaires. There were no chairs but you could probably bring your own.

The renowned Drum & Bugle of Makati City provided most of the entertainment from 2pm until 7pm. It would be nice if there would be a concert prior to the actual Pyro Olympics so that people would have a reason to stay before the fireworks show.

Most people stayed in Boni High Street because there was nothing to do inside.

It rained almost the entire night. Bonifacio Global City provided a huge space for the World Pyro Olympics (it can accommodate 50,000 people). Expect the crowd to get bigger as we approach December.

The traffic was flowing and managed very well. Plan to be in the Boni High Street area around 5pm.

(Please share your experiences, particularly where you parked and your strategy in going to the WPO area.)

NICO Lunig Event GmbH of Germany

Germany started with the usual display of Grand Fireworks to the tune of Hans Zimmer songs and Rock Music towards the end of the performance.

It was the world-class fireworks show we expected it to be. It was much wider because, this time, the performance was not limited anymore by the size of the barge.

This red shower of fireworks elicited a lot of oohs and ahhs from the crowd.

The fireworks performance was a bit busy, and I think the Hard Rock Music was a nice complement to it. The young people liked it a lot.

Glorious Entertainment Production Limited of China

China started by painting the Global City sky with Red Fireworks.

Most people liked it because it was very artistic and a bit romantic.

I decided to shoot it from one of the best views of the WPO — on top of Mag:net Cafe.

We were expecting to have the Great Wall of China Fireworks display but the rain ruined most of the fireworks, so they were not able to complete it.

The smoke was a bit distracting. I heard that it covered the view of the people in the VIP area and some of the smoke even went down to the crowd. They should really follow the 1 hour gap in between the performances. I do hope there will be wind next Saturday to move the smoke out.

Don’t miss Australia versus Canada on November 28, Saturday!
(First firing starts at 7pm and second firing starts at 8pm.)

Also, don’t forget to bring a jacket and an umbrella in case it rains again during the WPO!

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