There’s a new kebab place in Fort Bonifacio, and it’s our new favorite! In fact, we visited twice because we loved the Chicken Kebab and the Garlic Sauce so much that we had to go back. The Kebab Factory at the Fort is the second outlet already (the first one is in Megamall Atrium). It is making an impression on the Fort Bonifacio dining scene because it offers Mediterranean Food tailor-fit to the Filipino taste. It is owned by an Indian who practically grew up in the Philippines and speaks Filipino well.

We have our favorites and we already noted the dishes to avoid next time. We wanted this to be our secret favorite place but I can’t help but share a good restaurant like this with OAP friends…

Check it out and let us know what you think, ok?



A view of the first floor of The Kebab Factory. It used to be that you could park outside on the street, but I heard it is not allowed anymore. It’s a good thing they have valet parking services for free.

We prefer to eat on the second floor, where it is more private. You can reserve the couch chairs for your group.


Specifically, we like to eat at the table overlooking the street outside. Our first dinner here was with Internet Marketer Jomar Hilario, who equally loved the place. 🙂

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Sweet / Salted Lassi (P80 +10% sc).

This is the first lassi that we can truly say we love. It is a popular yogurt shake drink that is sweet with hints of saltiness and sourness– tamang-tama ang timpla.

Papadum Masala (P65 +10% sc). Fried lentil wafers garnished with onions, tomatoes, and coriander.

The waiters here would often recommend the Papadum Masala, which is supposed to be the bestseller. The wafer is crunchy with bits of toppings. It tastes even better when you dip it in the Garlic Sauce!

The garlic sauce is a bit diluted but still has a strong but sweet garlicky taste. (It is very tempting to drink it.) The waiters are very generous in giving additional servings of the sauce. We even requested to have the sauce bottled for take-out — it is that good. For the chili lovers out there, the chili sauce is super hot, so don’t underestimate it.

Garlic Butter Naan (P65 +10% sc). Traditional leavened Tandoor bread with garlic.

The Naan was just OK, but it was a hit with Aidan and Joshua, who joined us when we visited the second time around.

Spinach and Feta Cheese Dip (P180 +10% sc). Homemade dip served with crispy Pita bread.

You can really do without this spinach and feta cheese dip. It is OK, but not something to rave about.

Raita (P90 +10% sc). Fresh Yogurt with minced cucumber.

I thought it would be a boring dish, but it was surprisingly good. It is like Yogurt soup for healthy eaters.

Chicken Mast Kebab – 2 skewers (P250 +10% sc). Tender pieces of chicken marinated and roasted in a Tandoor Oven.

THIS IS THE BEST! We order it every time we visit, and we are happy to say that it is consistent in quality, yummy inside and out, very juicy, and with the right kind of grilled taste. It is like the chef really knows how to match Mediterranean food with the panlasang Pinoy, like Jollibee.


Beef Kebab Regular (P225 +10% sc). Minced beef kebabs cooked in a Tandoor oven.

The beef kebabs are equally good — juicy and tasty throughout the meat. We loved dipping it in the garlic sauce too!

Lamb Lahore Curry (P380 +10% sc). A strongly spiced curry, cooked with lots of spices and in its own juices, resulting in a deep strong flavor.

We enjoyed this lamb curry as well, especially the sauce, which has a rich taste of herbs and spices. You can even opt to just eat the sauce with rice. The lamb itself is tender and the yummy taste penetrates every strand of the meat.

Veggie Meat Kebab (P250 +10% sc). For the veggie lovers – chunks of soy meat marinated in yogurt, garlic and spices. Cooked over the tandoor to give that juicy, mouthwatering flavor.

To be on the healthy side, we ordered this dish. The mock meat did a good job of disguising the taste of soy meat and tasting like the real thing.


Punjab Mutton Curry (P400 +10% sc). Pieces of juicy mutton cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices.

It was a bit too oily for me. I prefer the Lamb Lahore Curry over this dish.

Lady Finger Masala (P250 +10% sc). Lady Fingers (okra) sauteed with onions, tomatoes, herbs and spices.

This vegetable dish is poorly executed. Don’t bother ordering it unless you’re really after okra.

Gulab Jammu (P150 +10% sc). Sugar milk balls dipped in rich syrup.

This is a classic sweet Indian dessert. It is good — but you will probably feel the sugar flowing through your veins after eating this.

Baklava (P150 +10% sc). Middle Eastern filo pastry dessert with nuts dipped in honey.

If you are going for dessert, try this popular filo pastry with nuts. I’ve tasted a better Turkish version, but this is good for cleansing your palate after the garlic sauce and strong flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.


Rey Pelina (Mobile +63917 993 3585, Landline: +632 4034159)

We had to thank the Chef personally for doing a great job in coming up with Mediterranean food that Pinoy foodies would love. He specializes in Indian Cuisine and worked in Prince Jaipur before.

Try it out! It is near Burgos Circle, around the corner from Basilio’s…

The Kebab Factory
Unit 154 Forbeswood Heights, Burgos Circle corner
Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Visit (under construction)

Ravin Sehwani, Owner
Mobile: +63 917 529-2011
Email: [email protected]

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