I am on a constant lookout for cheap Thai finds, and another one opened along Granada St. in Greenhills. This street is notorious for having the record of the most promising restaurants closing down in less than a year’s time. With difficult parking space, a view of bumper-to-bumper traffic, and a sign that you can barely see when you are driving down the street, Thai Dara is determined to break this “curse” with authentic Thai dishes at affordable prices.

Owned by a Thai Chef who manages the restaurant but delegated the day-to-day cooking to a Pinoy cook, Thai Dara has most people raving about their Thai soups. The rest of the menu is at par with most of the cheap Thai places around. If you are craving for Thai food in the Greenhills area, this is the place to eat.

Thai Dara Menu
Starters & Soup, Family Style |  Noodles, Rice, Desserts, BeveragesBudget Meals

Tom Yum Seafood (P229) – Famous Thai spicy soup with chicken, mushroom, lemongrass, galanga and kaffir leaves.

The Tom Yum soup is best eaten when it is hot. It has a spicy-sour flavor that is not too rich and not too oily. You can determine the quality of a relatively inexpensive Thai place based on the Tom Yum they serve. Really good.

Thai BBQ Chicken Budget Meal (P99) – Thai Marinated half chicken with sweet & sour sauce and Rice.

Budget Meals are available every weekday for lunch. You can taste the herbs in the chicken, which is cooked well. Not bad.

Pad Thai (P199) – Sweet, crunchy noodle with chicken & shrimps, tofu, radish, dry shrimps, beansprout, green onion and peanuts.

The Pad Thai, though, is overcooked — the noodles are wilted and a bit oily. You’ll notice that this was cooked in a Pinoy “halo-halo” sauteed style.

Sweet Sticky Rice & Mango (P99)

The rice used is poor in quality. It feels like you’re eating actual rice with sugar on top, and the mango is your ulam.

Thai Iced Tea, Lemongrass Ice Tea (12 oz – P45)

This is the usual milk tea we Filipinos have grown to love.

Overall, it is better than most of the cheap Thai restaurants out there with a bit more authentic Thai taste. Check it out and let me know what you think…


Thai Dara
Gilmore Avenue Granada St.
James Bon +632 568-0651
James Wor +63918 365-4250
Cash Basis Only


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