ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 2.0 RATING: 3.6 out of 5.0

Foodies rave about Gigi’s Custaroons:
“I love the custaroons! the one with the cocoa!”
“I like the custard’s taste in the macaroons”
“truffle custaroons was yummy! different & unique!”

I’ve blogged about Gigi’s Custaroons before, but I can’t believe that she was able to create a product that is better than her original custaroons. You’ve got to try the bite-sized custaroon balls coated with a premium chocolate powder concoction. They look like truffle balls that are as soft as marshmallows and filled with custard. The poppers work especially for people who don’t appreciate the taste of coconut in the macaroons. Sinful and yummy — guaranteed!

Gigi’s Custaroons 

In 1999, I wanted to give something unique/self-made for Christmas. So one day, I mixed and matched ingredients. Using some of my mom’s self-made recipes (which i tweaked here and there) I was able to create an early version of my custaroons. I gave them to my friends/family as gifts and asked for feedback.  After receiving a lot of feedback from them, I came up with my final recipe of custaroons in 2009.


box of 12: P 270.00
box of 24:  P 490.00
bite-size . box of 54:  P 400.00
bite-size . box of 108:  P 735.00

box of 12:  P 320.00
box of 24:  P 540.00
bite-size . box of 54:  P 450.00
bite-size . box of 108: P 835.00

(half original . half cheese)
box of 12:  P 300.00
box of 24: P 520.00
bite-size . box of 54: P 430.00
bite-size . box of 108: P 790.00

POPPERS (*** My Favorite! ***)

bite-size balls . box of 30:  P 220.00

Gigi’s Custaroons
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