It was nice to have a shoot with Angel Aquino for the Us Girls Blogging Episode that will be aired tonight. She interviewed me about food blogging and Our Awesome Planet, while I interviewed her on her food preferences and restaurant favorites.


Angel was very nice and down-to-earth. I often watched her foodie reviews on the F show and now Us Girls. She disclosed to me how hard it is sometimes to do a restaurant feature when the owners themselves are watching during a shoot. Now I understand why the reaction is always positive when they would taste the food.

It was hard to choose a restaurant for the OAP segment because I wanted to do the Us Girls shoot during one of our actual food trips where we will have to pay for our food. Most of the restaurants I wanted to try during that time did not give us permission to shoot. We decided to revisit Fluke, which we like because of its home-cooking and cream puff goodies by Mrs. Palanca. They gave us permission to shoot and they sponsored the food for the Us Girls segment.

Fried Eggplant (P185). Slices of deep-fried parmesan-crusted eggplant.


Angel loved this fried eggplant appetizer because of the crispy cheese crust contrasted with the soft eggplant texture inside. I loved it too except that it costs P23/small eggplant slice.


Chicken Lollipops (P155). Served with a “special, must-try Japanese dipping sauce.”

Fried chicken shaped like a lollipop with Japanese Vinaigrette as a sauce instead of the usual sweet sauce.

Mushroom Soup (P100).

We loved the mushroom soup this time around. It has improved completely from Campbell Soup with Skyflakes when they opened (see Fluke, a Stroke of Luck) to Fresh Mushroom Soup with 2 pieces of Garlic Bread with lots of Garlic bits…

Here are some foodie trivia about Angel Aquino:

1. She avoids eating beef and pork except during the Tablescape show with Chef Bruce Lim.
2. She likes simple food and restos because she is often disappointed by the high-end dining places in Manila.
3. She likes Som’s Thai resto in Rockwell and Chef Chris Locher’s Panizza.
4. She highly recommends Cafe Uno as her favorite resto in the Tomas Morato area. I have to try it.

5. When you dine at Chef Bruce’s Kitchen Table, you can request the special menu he created for Angel Aquino.

For someone who is exposed to most or all the best foodie places in the Philippines, I was surprised by her simplicity. I’m now a Fan. 🙂

Mini Hamburger Sandwich – 3 pcs. (P105).

We heard that the burger in Fluke is better than the burgers at Burger Avenue in A.Venue Mall, so we ordered it. I did not notice the difference… This is the only beef that Angel tasted during the entire shoot.

Three-Cheese Lasagna (P310). Homemade noodles with layers of rich meat and white sauce plus mozzarella, parmesan and edam cheese.

This is Fluke’s absolute bestseller, and Angel agrees. The actual pasta is homemade by Mrs. Palanca every day. It is baked with three layers of cheese. A bit oily though but definitely yummy.

Iberian Chicken (P235). Spanish-style chicken baked in olive oil and seasoning.

Angel decided to eat the chicken instead of the beef dishes.

Mechado (P230). Spanish-style beef covered in tomato sauce.

Fluke’s mechado is like plain steak in tomato sauce.

Beef Salpicao (P255). Grilled beef cubes aged in special homemade marinade.

This is my choice of beef — tender and soaked in a tasty marinade.

Kaldereta (P225). Spicy beef braised in savory tomato sauce.

Cricket Palanca Chen, Aidan’s Natural Medicine doctor and one of the owners, recommended the Kaldereta.

Cream Puffs (P60). Their bestseller! Custard-filled puffs covered with caramelized sugar.

We ended our Fluke meal with their signature cream puff that is crispy outside because of the caramelized sugar but super soft inside because of the custard.

It is best to eat it with one big bite. The cream puff just “explodes” in your mouth with different kinds of textures and tastes.

Eclairs (P60). Delightful puffs topped with yummy chocolate.

Angel preferred the cream puff over the eclairs because of the crispy caramelized sugar.

Thank you to Angel Aquino and Us Girls for the feature on Our Awesome Planet! It was a super fun shoot. 🙂

Overall, we loved it except that we think it should have been located outside the mall with a more homey ambiance and a more appetizing name. 🙂
Cuisine from Home
Inside A.Venue Mall, Makati
Telephone: +632 728 0857

Check out the complete Fluke Menu.

Live An Awesome Life,