Have you noticed that there are a lot of steak places around lately?


There’s this craving for great steaks, and Wagyu Stone Grill in Eastwood Mall offers a very interesting and yummy concept. It serves Wagyu Steaks raw, placing them on top of a hot stone grill, and letting the meat cook right in front of you. You can choose from New York Strip, Top Sirloin or Rib Eye cut for your Wagyu (which is available in 220g and 350g).


The Wagyu Stone Grill steaks are recommended if you can withstand the smoky smell on your clothes afterwards and if you can be patient with the service.

Wagyu Stone Grill is the same company as the House of Wagyu in Podium. It has a high ceiling setup but has very poor ventilation. Be prepared to smell like steak after eating here.


It has a simple menu, which offers steak, salad, seafood and pasta:



You can reserve this private room in the corner of the restaurant. I was forewarned about the quality of the service, especially during peak hours and when they are serving a lot of people.



Soup is usually served together with the steak.


Wagyu Top Sirloin 220g (P995 +12%VAT)


When ordering Wagyu, it is best to order the meat with a lot of marblings of fat. But I choose the sirloin because it is a leaner cut of meat for health purposes. On hindsight, I should have ordered the fatty cut like Rib Eye or the New York Strip.


As previously mentioned, the meat is served raw and placed on top of the stone grill. In just a few minutes, one side is cooked already and the server would usually be kind enough to turn it over for you.



The steaks are served with potato, vegetables and the gravy sauce for the steak.



After slicing the meat, one would usually sear the ends of the steak on the stone grill.


By the way, some people prefer that their steak remains on top of the stone grill, which cools off after a while. Otherwise, you can transfer your steak to a plate so as not to overcook it.



As for me, after dipping the meat in the mushroom sauce, I would sear it again to get the “sizzling sauce effect” before eating it.


The Wagyu steak slices off easily and you can eat it without the gravy sauce because it is yummy on its own.


Wagyu Salpicao (P795 +12%VAT) Cubes of Wagyu striploin sauteed in garlic and extra virgin olive oil and served with “Wagyu rice”.


We were torn between the salpicao and the burger. We decided not to order the burger because it is usually formed from the excess cuts of the wagyu meat. The salpicao was a better but more expensive choice.


When our order arrived, the meat was drowning in the oil, which my wife did not like. The Wagyu stone grill steaks are yummier than the salpicao. You’ll notice the difference and wish that you did not order the salpicao. 🙁



For dessert, we went to our favorite dessert place in Eastwood mall — Red Mango! You just have to go out of Wagyu Stone Grill and hop on the escalator. Red Mango can be immediately found on the second floor.



We usually order the Family size serving at P220 with 3 toppings worth P40. We like topping our Frozen Yogurt with Kiwi, Mango and Mochi.



How was your Wagyu Stone Grill experience?

Ground Floor EASTWOOD MALL, Libis, Quezon City,
Telephone: +632 706-5385, 706-5386


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