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July 2009

Awesome Festivals

Top 28 New 7 Wonders of Nature Candidates

I’m anxiously waiting for the result of the Top 28 Official Finalist Candidates on July 21. I can’t wait to see the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River as part of the Top 28! Here is the latest on the New 7 Wonders of Nature…

7/21/09 UPDATE: Congratulations to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean Underground River for being in the TOP 28 Finalists in the campaign for the Top 7 Natural Wonders of the World!

All voting is currently on hold, as the New7Wonders Panel of Experts is considering the TOP 77nominees from the second phase that ended on 7 July, from which they will advise on the choice of the 28 Official Finalist Candidates. On 21 July 2009 at 7 minutes past midday GMT, at the headquarters of New7Wonders in Zurich, the 28 Official Finalist Candidates will be announced, and on that day voting resumes in the Official New7Wonders of Nature, as chosen by over 1 billion votes and to be revealed in 2011. For press information click here.

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Performance Arts

The Little Mermaids of Manila Ocean Park

We were pleasantly surprised to see the Little Mermaid Show at Manila Ocean Park. I’m now curious to know who these mermaids are. They made performing underwater with oxygen look easy. They were always smiling throughout the show — and they sure can last long underwater. The staff said that they are part of the RP swimming team… (Can anybody confirm this?)

The show starts with the individual performance of each of the mermaids and ends with some synchronized swimming. It is free for Oceanarium visitors and for every P150 receipt of food or non-food items bought at any Manila Ocean Park Store.

Here is a photo essay of the Little Mermaid show experience…

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#Restaurants, Food

Makansutra Disappointment…

I was super excited to try Makansutra Asian Food Village at the 2nd Floor of Manila Ocean Park. Ever since our family’s Singapore food trip (see: Singapore Makan Food Trip – My Top 10 Favorites! and Singapore Makan Food that did not make the cut), I was craving for authentic Makan cuisine here in Manila.

I had very high expectations because the food stall is owned and managed by KF Seetoh, the author and founder of the Singapore food bible – Makansutra. I must admit OAP was inspired by it.

I was disappointed. First, I failed to meet KF Seetoh (by a few days) and the Singapore Chefs when they opened Makansutra. Second, the food tasted like another Pinoy version of Makan dishes because of the all-Pinoy chef crew. None of the 38 pinoy crew “had ever been to nor eaten anything from Singapore and Malaysia.”

Having said that, the Makansutra Asian Food Village is worth a try because 7 out of my Top 10 Makan Favorites are available and the hawker-style food court concept is something unique in Manila.

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Wagyu Stone Grill… yummy…

Have you noticed that there are a lot of steak places around lately?


There’s this craving for great steaks, and Wagyu Stone Grill in Eastwood Mall offers a very interesting and yummy concept. It serves Wagyu Steaks raw, placing them on top of a hot stone grill, and letting the meat cook right in front of you. You can choose from New York Strip, Top Sirloin or Rib Eye cut for your Wagyu (which is available in 220g and 350g).


The Wagyu Stone Grill steaks are recommended if you can withstand the smoky smell on your clothes afterwards and if you can be patient with the service.

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Shopping Secrets

The Best Enjoy Card Deal EVER Challenge!

Enjoy Card is releasing a Holiday Booklet on or before December 1, 2009 containing additional deals with additional merchant partners. This booklet will be released for FREE to existing Enjoy Card Holders so this is already inclusive of the P1,495 that you paid for. (Awesome!)

Read the Enjoy Card Related Blog Post:  10 Best Deals from Enjoy Philippines!

I want to challenge potential merchant partners to come up with the BEST ENJOY MERCHANT BARGAIN EVER!  The best deal receives a One (1) month  Professional Blogging and Internet Marketing Consultancy from me at least worth P70,000

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Laya on the 4th of July

1/12/12 UPDATE: This restaurant is now closed. 

Laya is the latest private dining place serving Southeast Asian cuisine in an intimate Antipolo setting. Laya means “freedom” in Tagalog and it was coincidental that we checked it out on the 4th of July.

A young rock band couple turned restaurateur and chef decided to convert their family’s Antipolo resthouse into a dining destination every weekend for foodies. The couple reminds me of a young version of Claude and Maryann Tayag, and the resthouse reminds me of a modern Bale Dutung.

Currently, they serve a set 4-course meal, with the food choices changing every weekend at a special introductory price of P500. (Eventually it will be P650, but it’s still cheap, considering the overall experience you get.)

(I forgot to bring my Canon DSLR, so all photos taken in this blog post were taken using an ordinary Canon point and shoot camera. I had to be creative to get usable photos from that camera, especially at night. 🙂 )

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Digital Daddy Blog Contest

I need your help to create my Digital Daddy presentation.

During the Expo Dad, I will be giving a talk entitled “Digital Daddy – How to take your Fatherhood to the next level with the power of the Internet“. Expo Dad is a trade fair for Dads which is open to the public for P25 entrance fee. My talk is scheduled at 3pm on July 18, Saturday at the Rockwell Tent.

It is easy to join the Digital Daddy Blog Contest. Here are the mechanics:

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3 Things I learned on My First Day in AIM

This week is very significant for me in my blogging/ internet marketing career. It is my first time to teach in the Internet Marketing elective in the AIM MBA class and the first day of Maven Secrets.

Here are the 3 Things I learned on My First Day in AIM:

1. I’m now a professor
I felt old at the same time honored. The label of  “professor” or “guru”, I think needs to be earned and since I’m just starting, I’m here to prove that I’m worthy of the title. I like to be Professor X of the X-Men who nurture young people to enhance their  natural capabilities.  (Not the stereotyped image of an old power tripping professor)

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