Carne Asad Burrito (P255 +10%SC). Marinated Beef, Onions, Cilantro, Guacamole.


Manila is experiencing another round of Mexican Craze with Baja Mexican Cantina. It is the latest Mexican Resto to open in Greenbelt 3. It is getting disappointing reviews during its soft opening but people are willing to try and give it a second chance.


The promise of Baja is to serve authentic Mexican food like what you would enjoy in Baja, Mexico. Take the Burritos for example. The Carne Asad Burrito is served with just beef and vegetables wrapped in 7in. soft tortilla. The most frequently asked questions are: “Where are the rice and beans in the burrito?” and “Is this really how they serve it in Baja?”


The ambiance is cliche Mexican with super friendly servers. 🙂


Nachos with spicy salsa…  I love the spicy salsa! 🙂


Steak Quesadilla (P155 +10%SC). Cheddar cheese, grilled steak.


The quesadilla was served with soft tortillas. It is like eating a P50+ soft taco with little bits of beef and cheese. Most of the items are served with cheap plastic containers or plates.


Unlike Ristras which got rave reviews when it opened, Baja had a difficult soft opening. It deserves a second chance when it launches the full menu — hopefully with rice and beans in the burrito. 🙂