I’m an amateur steak eater, but I’m into steak these days because it is a very good source of protein for building muscles. I’m also doing a series on the Best Steak places around Metro Manila. (For steak lovers out there, please let me know your favorite steak places that we should consider in this series.)


145o Fahrenheit Prime Steaks & Seafood is becoming the standard for steaks in the Quezon City area. Located in the busy Il Terrazzo Mall near ABS-CBN, most of the foodies I’ve met raved about their steaks. People are especially raving about their signature 145o Tomahawk Chop – US Angus 46 Oz (P3,900 +10% sc), which is good for sharing with up to 4 people. The restaurant is named after the temperature required for cooking steaks slowly to medium rare perfection.


You have three kinds of meat to choose from for your steak — Prime US Angus, US Wagyu or the Free Range Dutch Holstein. The 145o Tomahawk Chop, Prime US Angus Short Ribs and US Wagyu Striploin Roast are good to share — always the best choice in terms of value for money. Most of the salads and pasta are good to share also, so this is an ideal dining place for Sunday family get-togethers or barkada celebrations.

Fresh Orange Strawberry Fruit Juice (P95 +10% sc).

Their fresh fruit juices are really good and healthy. 🙂

Aidan wanted to join me in my dinner meeting with Zhar and Rodney, who interviewed me about Food Blogging and Our Awesome Planet for a class project. It was tough bringing a hyperactive kid, especially to a dinner meeting.

Here are the tricks I learned over the years on how to keep kids entertained and behaved:
1. Keep talking to them and giving them attention from time to time. They hate being ignored.
2. Feed them throughout the meal. Start immediately with bread and juice.
3. Ask for pencils/crayons and paper so that they can channel their creative energies to doodling.
4. We would often promise good dessert for good behavior. This usually works.
5. It is very important to give them a background of what the meeting will be about. Don’t forget to introduce them properly to your friends.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have other tricks. 🙂

Mushroom Ragu (P190 +10% sc).

Zhar ordered this — I’ll let her comment on it. 🙂

Chicken Mushroom Spaghettini (P590 +10% sc).

Aidan loves chicken and spaghetti, so we ordered this pasta. It was served in a big bowl (meant to be shared). It was simple, just OK. I believe you can easily recreate this at home.

Manhattan Cut/ US Wagyu 10 Oz. (P1,800 +10% sc).

Rodney ordered the Manhattan Wagyu Cut. He enjoyed this steak better than the Wagyu Stone Grill steak.

Norwegian Salmon/ Clam Chowder Sauce (P580 +10% sc).

Zhar ordered this. Again, I’ll let her comment on it. 🙂

New York Steak/ US Wagyu 10 Oz. (P2,200 +10% sc).

I ordered the US Wagyu instead of the Prime US Angus. I’m starting to learn that I should order the Prime US Angus steaks instead. Although the US/Australian Wagyu is soft and you can easily slice it, it lacks taste in the meat itself. I’m starting to think that “Wagyu” is just another marketing trick.

For steak lovers out there, any perspective on Prime US Angus vs. US/Australian Wagyu? What do you prefer? Also, I’m not sure about the corn-fed Free Range Dutch Holstein steak. Would you recommend it?

Wagyu Rice Pilaf (P120 +10% sc).

The Wagyu rice was a bit bland (even with the small pieces of Wagyu meat).

Rich dark chocolate desserts are offered after the meal. I prefer the FYI (For Your Indulgence) Frozen Yogurt for dessert, which you can find just outside the restaurant.

Thanks to Zhar and Rodney Dizon for the lovely Sunday evening! 🙂

Upper Ground Floor, Il Terrazzo
#35 Tomas Morato corner Scout Madrinan, Quezon City
Telephone: +632 703-2725, 332-1954

Here is a photo of the Il Terrazzo mall, which would be hard to miss when you are passing by Tomas Morato in between the Rotunda and ABS-CBN.

P.S. I’m also checking out Merkato and Zucchini’s steaks, which people keep raving about…