You cannot be a Filipino unless you become Pampanga first.” – Claude Tayag

These words kept haunting me. The need to discover my roots motivated me to visit our bukid in Capiz, where Popsy grew up before migrating to Manila for better opportunities. After 34 years, I finally understood and embraced my Bisayan roots.

My cousins gave me a grand tour of the Diaz-Fuentes Bukid. Each sibling got 3 hectares of fertile land in Sinabsaban, Cuartero, Capiz. We hiked for less than 30 minutes to reach the bukid.

Some of the farmers were tilling the land when we passed by late in the afternoon.

We visited Auntie Lilang’s (my Popsy’s older sister) house, where Lola Atis loves to stay when she is in Sinabsaban.

It is a simple bahay kubo with tarpaulin walls and things scattered around the house.

We stopped by for coffee and to have a brief chat about life in the bukid.

On our way to Popsy’s land, we passed by the source of spring water, which was covered to ensure that it is clean and protected from dirty elements.

A wide kalamansi plantation greeted us when we got there. We decided to pick some to bring back home.

I told Rache’s dad before that we own a dalandan plantation in Capiz. For the first time, I saw it for myself…

Kuya Jerry, pointing out the boundaries of Popsy’s property.

If we’re going to stay overnight in our bukid, we would have to stay in this bahay kubo. Can you stay in a bahay kubo like this?

It is solar-powered, so you have to charge the Superlite battery during the daytime. At night, the battery supplies electricity to the lights of the house.

This is a very organized house with a decent kitchen and bamboo bed. There is an elevated, enclosed room for the master of the house. 🙂

The toilet is supplied with spring water. Can you take a bath here?

You can cook your own food via the traditional way of using wood and charcoal.

We visited another cousin’s house and also met her four kids.

She caught a native chicken for us as a gift for visiting their place.

We cooked it pinaupo-style — one of Popsy’s favorite Capiz dishes.

After our visit to the bukid, we went to Igang Cave in Maayon, where Popsy used to rest after finishing his farming responsibilities.

It was a bit dark already when we arrived. If not for the camera flash, the photo above would be in total darkness.

Kuya Jerry and me in Igang Cave. We failed to climb up to see the name of my dad inscribed on the walls of the cave.

Kuya Udot (in the middle) and family. I finally got to meet and appreciate my cousins and their families.

Thank you to all my cousins and the Diaz-Fuentes clan for my awesome first time in Capiz!

Live an Awesome Life,  

Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 

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