Gigi’s Custaroons 
ORIGINAL: box of 12 is P270; box of 24 is P490; box of 54 (bite size) is P400; box of 108 (bite size) is P735
CHEESE: box of 12 is P320; box of 24 is P590; box of 54 (bite size) is P450; box of 108 (bite size) is P835

We are loving Gigi’s Custaroons at the moment and we are glad that we insisted on paying for this box so that we can blog about it. The cheese flavor is the best and it comes with a nice blue pastel-colored box.

Essentially, it is custard cake with macaroons on top but I would describe it as a dense leche flan with roasted chewy coconut on top. Just imagine eating a concentrated sweet piece of butter, cream and cheese. The coconut acts as pampaalis ng suya instead of the typical walnut or other kinds of nuts.

It is too sweet but you can indulge in one piece for dessert from time to time. We would usually cut it up into 6 pizza pieces (like any typical Filipino family would do). I could feel my blood sugar shooting up with each tiny piece. I do hope Gigi creates a Custaroons Light version…

Gigi’s Custaroons
Telephone: +6 3 9 1 7 . 8 2 8 . 2 9 2 9
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