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I’m not really a fan of any Raymund Magdaluyo restaurant (of Red Crab fame) but I admire his creativity in conceptualizing restaurants. The latest ones are these tandem establishments specializing in seafood (BluFish) and meat (The Flying Pig).

His successful restos are targeted towards the 17-25 y.o. demographic and are usually for family and group gatherings. The concept is quite focused on a niche market like seafood, all-meat, American or breakfast. The menu and ambiance are nicely integrated with the concept. What I don’t like about the restaurants are the impersonal service and sub-par quality of the food.


BluFish and The Flying Pig are the latest additions to Raymund Magdaluyo’s long list of successful concept restos, which include: Red Crab and Seafood Club, Crustasia, Paloma, Heaven n’ Eggs, Cocorama, Clawdaddy Crabhouse and American Grill, Hula Hula Seafood and Barbecue House, Blackbeard’s Seafood Island, The Red Crab, Sumo-Sam and Texas Smoke ‘Em. (That was long, did I miss anything?)

The BluFish ambiance is a bit timid, with serving pans as the main highlight of the interiors.

BluFish Menu:
Soup and Salads, Oysters and Ceviche, Starters, Dessert
Whole Fish, Fish in Pot, Fish Specials, Fish in Pasta and Risotto, No Fish

I like The Flying Pig better with its paintings of flying oinkers that would entertain you while you wait for your food. I prefer sitting here — one can still order from the BluFish menu anyway.

Flying Pig Menu:
Soup and Salads, Oysters and Ceviche, Starters, Dessert
The Barbecue House, Swine Dining, Pork in Pot, Wiches on Wings, Bistro Special


I’ve been wondering about the codes used in the restaurant, like 86 Item. When we asked, they explained that ’86’ meant out of stock. (So why is it called 86?)


Shrimp and Lobster Bisque (P225 +10%SC)


We like this soup. It’s full of flavor without the malansa taste. My wife often orders this, and she was satisfied with it.


Grilled Tuna with Mediterranean Rice Salad (P395 +10%SC) Grilled Tuna, Rice in Thyme and Dijon Vinaigrette.


The grilled tuna from BluFish was surprisingly yummy. Raymund Magdaluyo’s restos are really famous for the quality of their seafood. The tuna was juicy, with the right amount of saltiness, and grilled almost perfectly well. The rice and salad combination complemented the tuna nicely.


Sally Smoked the Chicken – Half Chicken (P325 +10%SC) with Creole Penne Ratatouille and Cajun Pomme Fries.


The quarter chicken is served with one side dish, while the half chicken is served with two. We liked the penne pasta initially but after a while it tasted too sweet. The chicken itself is smoked with the following basting options: creole blackened, honey pomegranate or French Espresso rub.


It was OK and the serving size is good to share with a family.


Baby Back Ribs Full (P625 +10%SC) with Honey Pomegranate basting and two side dishes: Spinach Whipped Potatoes and Salted Bacon Basmati Rice.


This dish is served with 11 ribs. We were disappointed because the ribs were dry, the meat was thin and the sauce was only skin-deep — similar to our Texas Smoke ‘Em experience.


All Meat Paella (P395 +10%SC). Pork belly, Angus beef, Chicken, Chorizo, Pork Loin on Saffron Rice.


The paella is a meal in itself and you can share it with 3-4 people already. I’m happy every time I eat the Black Angus Beef. The rice used is a bit thinner, overcooked and with less tutong (which, in my opinion, makes the paella yummy).

The Verdict

I was hooked by the French-American Carnivores marketing tagline of The Flying Pig. Actually, it is more of a Pinoy meat haven. Overall, this tandem restaurant concept is quite interesting. You’ve got to try it when you are in Eastwood Mall. Let me know what you think.



Creative Coastal Cooking by Red Crab
Baked whole fish selections, classic bouillabaisse, New England crab and lobster boil, freshest oysters, baked oysters, crab dishes, steamers, and much more…
Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City
Telephone Number: +632 900-0886


Barbecue House & French-American Carnivores’ Haven…
The Place where pigs can fly and diners pig-out!
Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City
Telephone Number: +632 900-0886


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P.S. In case you’re not familiar with Eastwood Mall…

Eastwood Mall is the latest area in Libis determined to capture the foodie and family market outside of the Eastwood Community. It is designed like the Greenbelt mall, with an interior that reminds one of the Podium, and it is situated like Serendra (with a backdrop of the commercial buildings in the Fort). It is located in the center island in Eastwood.