After dinner in Abaca, we were debating on where to hang out in Cebu on a Friday night. Most of the cafes closed early and we wanted to lounge in a place that is uniquely Cebuano with a good line-up of desserts. We found our answer in Bellini!

Bellini is a chill-out and dessert bar with live acoustic music. It is located in Lahug, overlooking Nivel Hills. It has the same owner as Anzani New Mediterranean restaurant. It is the latest high-end, fine dining establishment in Cebu.

Bellini Menu: Desserts and Digestive | Red and White Wine | Bar Standard Drinks

This is the perfect spot in Bellini for a night cap with friends.

The music of the live acoustic band reverberates throughout Bellini, which is shaped in a long fashion, following the edge of the Nivel Hills.

Bellini – Champagne with Peach

As you can guess, the restaurant was named after this drink.

Anzani Homemade Limoncello (P140 +10% SC)

My favorite digestive is the limoncello, and Anzani’s version has a hint of cinnamon.

Marco Anzani is attempting to elevate the restaurant experience in Cebu with his New Mediterranean Cuisine. Anzani’s claim to fame is that he opened a lot of bars/restaurants for the Shangri-La group. He is now based in Cebu.

We exchanged notes on the eating habits of Manila vs. Cebu. For Manilenos, foodies eat for the whole experience of eating with friends, enjoying good food in a restaurant with a nice ambiance and with warm service. In Cebu, foodies eat to fill their stomachs, and restaurants are judged by the food itself.

Interesting insights… Maybe you can share your own perspective on these differences?

You can reserve the special underground cellar room (see photo with Anzani) or this special black room, especially made for freestyle degustation dining in Anzani Restaurant. The black room has this interesting chandelier made of spoon and forks. It will surely be the talk around the dinner table.

A mezze plate of Mediterranean treats! I’m going back to Cebu to try Anzani. 🙂

Tropical Panna Cotta Defile (P200 +10% SC). Topped with fresh fruit compote.

The desserts had flawless presentation, but they failed miserably in impressing us. The panna cotta was too mild and the fresh fruit cooked in sugary syrup was too sweet. It was a disappointment — but the great view in Nivel Hills compensated for it.

Anzani Bomb (P250 +10% SC). Trio of ice cream, torched meringue.

The Anzani Bomb is a poor cousin of Five Cows Flaming Alaska. It is the same dessert except that the Five Cows’ version is ignited with flame and served while the lights are closed.

Maybe they got it from the same cookbook…

Anzani Tiramisu (P280 +10% SC). Cinnamon, amaretto, dates, savoiardi, mascarpone.

The Anzani Tiramisu was placed in a triangular glass with no stem, which was placed in a bowl of ice, similar to the La Dolce Vita signature drink. The taste was on the safe side and it was not memorable.

In summary, Bellini’s location (overlooking Nivel Hills) and ambiance were awesome, the drinks were standard, while the desserts were disappointing.

I aim to try Anzani’s New Mediterranean cuisine next time. Have you tried it?

Panorama Heights, Nivel Hills, Lahug
Cebu City, Philippines
Reservations: + 6332 232-7375, 236-0097, 233-4054

Marco Anzani
Chef/ Restaurateur
Mobile: +63927 546-4704

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