O’sonho Portuguese Fusion is the only Portuguese Restaurant in Manila. Some say that there is a reason why it is the only one. There is a theory that a Portuguese restaurant can’t survive in Manila. We will have to see if Osonho’s Peri-Peri Chicken will stand the test of time. Check it out and let me know what you think…

O’sonho’s Menu:
Tira Gosto, Sopa, Salada, Massa | Prato Principal (main course) | Wine and Bar List | Suco (Drinks)

I’ve been looking for a Portuguese restaurant ever since my favorite Portuguese restaurant in Boracay closed down. Banza Portuguese Restaurant in Station 3 was one of my top 5 restos in Boracay. I’ve been craving for a Portuguese paella ever since.

O’sonho stands for “Dreams” in Portuguese. (I forgot to ask the owners why.) They are on soft opening, so their menu is limited at the moment. Hopefully, they would offer the Portuguese paella when they expand their menu.




Portuguese Gambas (P240 +SC). Another savory O’sonho fusion recipe. Prawns bathed in a medley of garlic, olive oil, Portuguese herbs and spices. Served on a hot plate.

We liked this spicy twist to gambas, served with pieces of pita bread on the side. The serving size is small, though, and eating one shrimp would cost P44.




Picado (P300 +SC). The Portuguese version of the “salpicao”. Tenderloin beef cubes bathed in garlic, herbs and spices.

It looks oily but it is not. O’sonho uses the purest olive oil and they don’t use any MSG at all.  What is left is the pure taste of garlic, herbs and different exotic spices. The only thing is their “salpicao” version has a sour twist (maybe because of wine). It is an acquired taste, and some people do love this dish.



Beer-Battered Fish Fingers (P160 +SC). Market-fresh fish gives this “melt in your mouth” experience. Served with O’sonho’s signature Perinaise.

It was ordinary, but Aidan ate most of it.


Chorizo Sisig (P220 +SC). O’sonho’s take on this Filipino classic.

The sisig is served on a small, circular hot sizzling plate. Adding chorizo was a nice touch. It made the Filipino sisig into a Portuguese fusion dish.

Peri Peri Chicken on Fragrant Chicken Rice (P280 +SC). Tender, juicy butterfly-cut chicken thighs, marinated in O’sonho’s own peri peri sauce.

We loved O’sonho’s Peri Peri Chicken — all of us were raving about it. The chicken is marinated in O’sonho’s signature peri-peri sauce, which is also served on the side. I like the herb-y taste and spicy kick of the chicken. The serving size is just right. You’ve got to try this! Most of us even commented that this is better than the Peri Peri Chicken in Promenade, Greenhills.


O’sonho Portuguese Fusion
#20 Jupiter Street, Makati City
Nik Barancik, Owner
Telephone: +632 896-3289
Email: osonhoportugues@yahoo.com




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