Another Alternative to Lutong Macau ~ Eat Well! by Mrs Awesome Planet

Eat Well! Delicious Kitchen by Law Kwok Keung (former Shangri-La chef around South East Asia) is the Best Chinese Restaurant in the Fort for me.

Finally, a Chinese resto alternative in the Metro that is better than North Park or Zong, but less expensive than Shang Palace. It reminds me of Zhongnanhai when it was first opened by its Hong Kong chef. The taste of the food is clean, without any daya, any extenders or flavor enhancers.

Eat Well! Delicious Kitchen Menu

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings – Hakao (P125)


Aidan loves Hakao as much as I do, and we order it every time in any Chinese restaurant we visit. The true test of a good Chinese restaurant is to see how its Hakao tastes like. The dumpling should be full of plump shrimp, with garnishes on its side, and covered with a soft translucent wrap.


Eat Well! Delicious Kitchen passed the Hakao test.

Beef Won ton Noodle Soup (Hongkong Style) (P165)

Along with the Hakao test is the Beef Wonton Noodle test. The broth of the soup should taste like the beef itself, not too greasy, and feels light on the stomach. The quality of wonton is very important — you can easily detect the commercialized ones because they use a lot of fat in their wonton. The beef should be tender and you can shred it apart with chopsticks.

Eat Well! Delicious Kitchen passed the Beef Wonton Noodle test. 

Sliced Beef with Broccoli in Oyster Sauce (P205).

We often order broccoli as our vegetable dish in any Chinese restaurant. My only beef with the beef (pun intended) was that it was a bit chewy, like the big slices of mushroom beside it.

Braised Pork with Chinese Sauce & Taro Rice (P120)

This reminds me of machang — flavored rice squarely wrapped in a banana leaf. The taro was used mainly as a final garnish and decoration (probably so that you can describe it in an exotic way). The serving size is good for 2-3 persons and a good alternative to Yang Chow fried rice. On hindsight, we should have ordered plain rice because the taste of the Taro rice did not go well with some dishes.

Mango Fruit Shake (P65)

The fruit shakes were diluted; we will stick to water next time.

Steamed Egg White with Seafood (P238)

We ordered this primarily for the kids who love egg whites. I liked the small bits of fish, shrimp or squid with a touch of shrimp eggs.

Masachi with Chocolate (P48)

The best part of the meal was the steaming hot sticky balls covered with slightly crushed peanuts. Each one was oozing with white chocolate inside. Rache ordered another one for take-out even before I could suggest we ask for a second round. We were literally fighting over each masachi ball.

The first floor is a bit crowded because a big part of it is occupied by the kitchen. Most of the tables were reserved during that Sunday Brunch, so we got the high chairs with a big image of Hong Kong at the back.

You can reserve the entire second floor for private functions. The restrooms are located on this floor.

Unit C, Ground Floor, Net Quad Building,
30th-31st St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
For Reservation and Pickup only: +632 856-9408

Open Sunday-Friday 11am-10pm. Closed on Saturdays.
Always reserve a table during Sunday Brunch.

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009.

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