The Legend of Sushi Kappo Kobikicho is true. It is the best-kept secret Japanese restaurant in town — even my Japanese friend doesn’t know about it. It is hidden in the unpopular part of Legaspi street where buildings are currently being demolished. Thanks to Teddy for sharing this secret. 🙂

Sushi Kappo Kobikicho is an authentic Japanese restaurant that has “New York chic”. There, you can find two minimalist, private, fine-dining rooms and two sushi bars. The manager (in a tux!) and the waitresses bow twice every time they enter the rooms and before they exit. It was all a bit intimidating, but the welcoming and assuring smiles of the servers were enough to make us feel at home.

It is run by four young Japanese chefs. One of the chefs goes to the fresh market in Japan every week just to ensure that the quality of ingredients is at par with restaurants in Japan.


Origin of Kobikicho

“KOBIKICHO is a historical town in the center of Tokyo in the 16th Century at the height of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Presently, the town is famous for its upscale Japanese restaurants (Japanese IKI style, chic) but with traditional cooking style and nuance of hospitality. This is also where KABUKI-ZA (KABUKI Theater) is located. This area is in a prominent city of Japan well-known as GINZA.”

(source: Sushi Kappo Kobikicho)


The Main Sushi Bar can accommodate 10 people comfortably, with the Japanese chefs personally preparing the meals in front. Vivid red accents and the artistic images of Japan around the dining area create a youthful and vibrant ambiance.


You can also reserve the smaller sushi bar for a group of 6 (or perhaps a dinner for two during Valentine’s Day). 🙂


Eight people can comfortably sit in each of the two private rooms, which are separated by a divider that can be collapsed anytime you need a much bigger one. The white leather chairs and the tables made of tempered glass complete the room’s chic appeal.

Kobikicho Introduction | Lunch Menu 1 | Lunch Menu 2 and Kobachi Appetizer | Dinner Menu | Otsukuri and Sushi Roll | Red Wine, Champagne | White Wine, Whisky and Brandy | Sake | Beer & Softdrinks

The formula is simple: Authentic Japanese Ingredients & Chef + Minimalist Chic Ambiance + Stellar Service. All that will make you say, “WOW.”

Appetizer: Gyunikomen – Simmered beef with mushroom, tofu and onion leeks on top.

It was literally a bite-size portion, but it was full of flavor from the sauce and the other ingredients.

Appetizer: Harusame Salad with carrots and cucumber.

This Japanese Salad was so good that we tried to ask for a second serving (but to no avail).

Complimentary hot tea is served with all the meals.

We were glad that Aidan was on his best behavior because the ambiance of the place just seemed so “delicate”.


Ginger Pork (P600+SC). Sauteed pork flavored with special ginger sauce. Served with appetizer, pickles, miso soup, steamed rice and dessert.

We expected more from this dish but it tasted like something you can order in your neighborhood Japanese store. We regret that we did not order the Daily Special (P750+SC) instead. That one comes with three kinds of dishes based on the Chef’s recommendation.


Zuke-Don (P600+SC). Tuna sashimi marinated in special soy sauce on top of sushi rice. Served with appetizer, pickles, miso soup and dessert.

This is the bestseller, and you’ll know why the moment you see this Blue Fin Tuna Sashimi from Omabe, Japan. There are three portions of the tuna, namely: toro – the fatty cuts; chutoro – the medium fatty cuts; and akami – the lean cuts. The last one is used in Zuke-don.

This dish is topped with Ikura (salmon eggs) and has its own special sashimi sauce and fresh wasabi from Masumo Otogi.

The lunch set comes with pickles…


…and a generous hot serving of miso soup.


The wasabi is made fresh from the wasabi root crop, which is ground on a shark’s fin. It gives that authentic, addicting, explosive shot in the nose when you eat it as is. I just crave for fresh wasabi, which you will seldom find in most commercialized Japanese restaurants.


Dessert: Green Tea Ice Cream

This small scoop of green tea ice cream is the best way to end your meal. You will forget that you almost paid P700 for your lunch.



Sushi Kappo Kobikicho is Highly Recommended and the Best Japanese Sushi Place for me.

The secret is out! 🙂



G-03 Corporate Plaza (former JAKA II Bldg.)

150 Legaspi Street

Legaspi Village, Makati City

Telephone: +632 752-1280

Email: [email protected]


Monday to Saturday
Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm – 10pm (Strictly by Reservation Only)
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