My sister-in-law, Clauds, suggested this foodie trick of putting yogurt in the freezer to create your own Frozen Yogurt version. 🙂

Rezza of Smart suggested that the best variant for DIY Frozen Yogurt is to use the Nestle Sweetened Yogurt plain version. I would have to agree. You have to thaw it for a few minutes before enjoying your own frozen yogurt. 

Another favorite is the freshly squeezed orange juice of Del Monte, which you can find in most supermarkets. The oranges are literally squeezed in front of you with a machine juicer. You can request to include the juicy bits of orange or you can just have it plain. It actually tastes like concentrated sweet orange. We usually add water or ice to the juice to prolong it. 
Can you share your own foodie trick or supermarket finds?

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