Update May 30, 2016: Beer Below Zero (BBZ) Bistro: Comfort Food & the Coldest Beer Ever!

Beer Below Zero. The Coldest Beer Ever — Proudly Created in the Philippines!

Happy New Year! We do hope you had a great New Year’s Eve 🙂 For us, we were sleeping before 12 midnight because Aidan is still afraid of the fireworks.

Have you tried Beer Below Zero?

The beer connoisseurs Luigi Nunez, Vinson Co Say and Jay-Jay Angala are aiming to make the Philippines known as the country serving the coldest beer in the world! Beer below Zero Beers are served ice cold at -2 to -6 degress Celsius but not frozen. The ordinary beers are served at a chiller temperature of 8 degrees Celsius usually.

9 Trivia about Beer Below Zero

1. Beer Slush. It is so cold that when you tap it, Carbon Dioxides are released and turn the beer into a beer slush.

2. Frost Effect. Before it is served, the servers would sway it to create a frost effect outside the bottle. Most Filipinos would refer to this frost as “Amag” or “Tisay”.

3. Numbing Effect. It is so cold that it numbs your throat and you end up drinking it with bigger gulps.

4. Taste Like Water. Beers are 90% water and you usually cannot taste the alcohol with Beer Below Zero.

5. San Mig Beers. It is best to drink it with San Mig’s Premium All Malt or Super Dry so that you can still taste the alcohol.

6. Not Limited To. It is not limited to San Mig products and the group is experimenting with other alcoholic drinks. I can’t wait to try them out!

7. Bak-Bak Beer . The idea was inspired by the Ice Cold Beers in Bak-Bak in Davao. Finally, we can now enjoy this kind of beer in Manila.

8. Don’t Try it at Home. The group experimented for 8-9 months to create a perfect cooling process to be able to create the Beer Below Zero experience. It involves putting the right combination of beer in the freezer, understanding the different freezing point of the alcohol, and rotating different beers around.

9. Goes Well with BBQ. The best food pairing for Beer Below Zero are BBQ or Steaks.


Beer Below Zero is usually served with a frost outside the bottle called as Amag or Tisay (in local language)

With the right tap from a spoon or car keys, you can turn it into a beer slush.

Watch as magic happens and this is the coolest part about Beer Below Zero.

You can turn it upside down and the entire contents are frozen like magic.

In Davao, it goes very well with their sweet BBQ. You can order Steak or any BBQ equivalent in Manila.

Now we can enjoy the same Bak-Bak Ice Cold Beer in Davao, here in Manila, Nationwide and soon, in South East Asia!

Beer Below Zero Outlets. They are available in 23 outlets in Metro Manila ; Grilla in Makati, Promenade, Pioneer, Libis; The Stock Market; Metro PHI Bar; Quattro; Centerstage Timog, Jupiter; Caesars; N-Lo’s; C-Front; TJ’s; Chivs; Coco Manggas; Magnet Cafe; Molokai Grill; Manong’s; Perpspektive; Sisigland; Reyes BBQ-Ortigas; Club Industry; 180 Degrees; 1920; V8. Soon they will be in Cebu, Dumaguete, Bacolod, Iloilo, Palawan, Subic, Baguio, Calabarzon area and Boracay in time for summer. Also, they are going international to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand!

Beer Below Zero
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