Angel’s Kitchen is famous for two things: (1) its homey ambiance and service (it’s just as if you’re going to a friend’s house in Greenhills), and (2) its signature, most-raved about dish: Pinakbet Rice and Lechon Kawali with Chocolate Bagoong. It’s a shame that we just ate here last December for the first time.


It is in the same league as Conti’s in Las Piñas (now with branches around Manila) and Cookbook Kitchen in Mandaluyong. The restaurant’s success can be traced to the wonderful mix of its comfort food using homemade recipes, cozy atmosphere, cheerful service and offerings of a sweet finish with a slice of cake.

Most people would go for the Rice Duo meals, which have a unique twist and combination at an affordable price. I appreciate the fact that the serving size is good for two. Aside from the Pinakbet rice, the Homey, Tinapa Rice with Tocino Barbeque or the Sweet and Hot, Honey Garlic Spareribs with XO Fried Rice sounds interestingly yummy that you would vow to go back to try it.

Melba Chips and Chicken pate with Pistachios


The meal starts with a serving of soft, fresh bread with chicken pate. No matter how many times we asked for a refill, the servers were happy to fulfill our request.

Soft-shell Crab with Mango Poppy Seed Dressing (P278)

The soft-shell crabs were soft enough for Aidan to eat them. (I stay away from them because I cannot imagine eating the whole crab, including its shell.) The vegetables were fresh and crunchy, with the salad dressing yummy enough for us to finish the entire dish.

Angel’s Kitchen Menu : Simple Courtesies
Pandenini | Appetizers | Salad | Soup | Pasta | Main Course: Meats | Poultry and Seafoods | Prawns, Laksa, Dory | Rice Duo | Beverages | Beer & Herbal Teas

The kids love bread, and this usually calms them down when they become restless in their seats.

Lamb Curry with Apple Raisin Chutney (P458) A Signature Dish.

We ordered the best-sellers, and the servings are indeed good for two. The curry sauce was not too strong; it had a subdued taste even with a mix of herbs, spices and coconut milk. You need the apple raisin chutney to spice up this meal — a perfect combination. Without it, the lamb curry would taste ordinary.

Original Pinakbet Rice with Lechon Kawali and Chocolate Bagoong. (P388) A Signature Dish.

This famous dish definitely met our expectations. Although the combination’s not unique (except for the chocolate on top of the bagoong), the magnified and well-designed presentation was enough to whet our appetite. The chocolate was overpowered by the saltiness of the bagoong and appeared to be just a design. This dish brought back memories of our Ilocos Norte escapade, where we feasted on bagnet and pinakbet comfort food.

What’s your favorite dish or dessert in Angel’s Kitchen?

Angel’s Kitchen. A Home Cafe.
(Beside Konbini Japanese Store)
57 Connecticut St., North East Greenhills, San Juan, MM
Telephone: +632 721-8822
Telefax: +632 744-1018



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