Isn’t it so nice to go around Greenbelt 5 these days (especially with the phase 2 area connecting Greenbelt 5 to Greenbelt 1)? While we were window shopping, we decided to eat dessert in Adora Cafe inside the luxurious Adora store in Greenbelt 5.

Charlotte De Mascarpone Au Chocolat Blanc (P170 +SC). Mascarpone Charlotte.

This triple-cream cheese chocolate cake was the most promising dessert that caught our eye.  The Adora Cafe Menu tries to intimidate you with a lot of exotic words, but the dessert itself was ordinary. 

Tarte Aux Noix de Pecan
(P160 +SC). Pecan Tart.

Aidan thought the topping of the pecan tart was ice cream, but it was a scoop of whipped cream.  I liked the just-right sweetness of the tart, but the whipped cream ruined the experience for us. 

The cafe was cute, with the mini-bar and a mini-kitchen hidden inside the pillars (you can see that on the left-hand side of the photo).

As for you, did you like Adora Cafe?

Adora Cafe
Adora, 2nd Floor
Greenbelt 5

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Text by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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