Pansit Batil-Patong of Tuguegarao (P35) with Liver (P45)

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It is highly recommended to go on a Pansit Food Trip when you are in Tuguegarao.

For such a little town, you can see pansiteria in almost every corner like Starbucks in Makati. The popular ones are Boks, Budjoks, Clare, Gretchens, and Natans. Ask any person in Tuguegarao and they would have their own pansiteria favorites. Don’t worry most of them are the same in taste and they differ in the ambiance, cleanliness and service of the place.

The Tuguegarao Pansit is called Batil-Patong. The main ingredients are pansit miki Tuguegarao, cara beef, togue with an egg on top. Our Batil-Patong has these two slices of red hotdog as accent on top of the pansit. The miki is freshly made in Tuguegarao.

It goes very well with a sauce mix of freshly sliced onions, vinegar, toyo and lots of calamansi.

It is very affordable and very filling. As much as we want to hop from one pansiteria to another, if you finish one bowl you’ll be guaranteed full for 4 hours.

Gretchen’s Special (P40) is a slight variation of the standard Batil-Patong. The toppings are lechon carahay, chicken, mixed vegetables, egg on top and an option to have liver on top for additional P10. It is a fusion of Batil-Patong and Pancit Cabagan pansit.

Gretchen’s was awarded as one of the cleanest pansiteria in town so we decided to eat here.


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