The 5-hour lunch in Bale Dutung is among the 1001 things that every foodie should do before he dies. ” – Ultimate Pampanga Xmas Tour 2008 Participant

This is probably one of the best testimonial we received in our Pampanga Tour. Also, 100% of the tour survey respondents rated the tour as “5 – Awesome! I would recommend it!” overall. On top of the 5-ways lechon prepared by Claude Tayag, Margaux Salcedo (food writer of Sunday Inquirer) introduced me to the 6th way to enjoy the lechon 🙂

1. Lechon Skin with Liver Sauce

The lechon meal starts with serving the crunchy skin with Claude Tayag’s own liver sauce. Claude likes to serve it himself and this adds to the overall awesome experience. To execute, the 5-ways Lechon, two pigs are needed where the first pig is used to serve the crunchy skin and the other pig to prepare the other meal. The pigs are cooked in Pampanga with the Tayag’s specified mixture of herbs and spices.

2. Pritchon ala Claude Tayag Style

This is my personal favorite and I eat at least 3 pieces of Pritchon wrap. This is not your typical pritchon that you can buy here in Manila. Claude’s version uses crunchy and fried shredded pieces of the Lechon’s meat and skin. You prepare the pritchon wrap yourself by getting a soft tortilla with pieces of the lechon and you preferred toppings. The topping choices include fresh onions, fresh tomatoes, basil, kinchay, home-made kimchi and Claude Tayag’s XO sauce to spice it up, and finally, their favorite oriental sauce. I prefer to put an additional liver sauce or Indian vinegar with my pritchon.

3. Sinigang na Lechon

The 3rd way is to enjoy the Sinigang with Lechon. First time I tried it, I was surprised about how clean the taste was and how light it was. Claude use fresh ingredients to create the sinigang and it was cooked just in time to be served. This was served with vegetables and rice in wrapped like puso (triangle shape) in Cebu.

4. Barbecue Lechon Ribs

After Pritchon, my other personal favorite is the Barbecue Lechon Ribs. Since the lechon only has limited ribs, this was served in limited precious quantities. The meat was smoked, marinated well, and fell off the bones literally.

5. Inasadong Lechon Pata

The last of the 5-ways lechon was the inasadong Lechon pata with potatoes, baguio beans and carrots. This was the finale and a bit heavy.

6. OPTIONAL: Lechon Lengua or Lechon Eyes 🙂

Margaux requested the lechon tongue and eyes to be served. The tongue just tasted like beef lengua.

The lechon eyes tasted rich with cholesterol and had a fear factor excitement when tasting it for the first time. You got to try this next time you eat Lechon!

This was our biggest and best tour of our Ultimate Pampanga series. Thanks to all our Ultimate Tour friends who joined us last December 20, 2008! (To the participants — please let us know which part of the 5-ways lechon is your favorite 🙂

Live an Awesome Life in God’s Grace,


Text by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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