When I was still courting Rache, I was looking for a cool restaurant place for our romantic date near La Salle. We were adventurous already back then but also we are budget-conscious. We saw a nice old house converted into a restaurant and we thought this might be a good inihaw place. We decided to go in and noticed there were only a few tables. When the waiter presented to us the menu, we realized that it was a Fine Dining Restaurant!

That was our first encounter with Lolo Dad’s in Malate. We ate there when it opened (unfortunately I was not yet blogging at that time). The menu in the 1-week old Lolo Dad’s Brasserie in 6750 looks almost exactly as the menu when they first opened in Malate. The key difference with the brasserie menu is that they expanded the menu with pasta and sandwiches options. The prices are still shocking but you are paying for good quality food.

Lolo Dad’s Brasserie Menu
Appetizers | Soups, Pasta & Filled Bread | Main Dishes, Steaks, and Desserts

Lolo Dad’s Brasserie is the latest (and hopefully the last) reincarnation of the corner restaurant in the prestigious 6750 address. This is the same spot where Giraffe, Dream Bar, Quisine and Gaster Deli (see: Gaster Deli-cious!) once stood. This is a favorite hang-out of P&G and Caltex people specially every Friday night. You can still see the remnants of Gaster Deli’s chairs and ambiance.

You would notice that the ambiance is still boring. It lacks the homey Malate vibe of its main restaurant and it feels like it could use a few paintings and art accents. The table locations are also not ideal so you have to reserve in advance to get a good spot.

“Only for the Rich” Salad (P1,650 +SC). Combination of Diver Scallops, Lobster, Seared Duck Liver, Jamon Serrano and Cured Salmon with Mesclun greens in Pomegranate and Molasses dressing.

Lolo Dad’s is famous for their salads (see Salad Menu) . We felt “rich” that day so we ordered the salad that we can share for a group of three. At first, it looked like a smorgasbord of all the expensive ingredients you can put in a salad — lobster, foie gras, salmon and jamon serrano. Its “Only for the Rich” name has a double meaning of being the most expensive salad and having a lot of flavorful ingredients.

Each ingredient was cooked to perfection. However, the vinaigrette dressing was too strong for our taste. Overall, we were satisfied and the salad price was justified. (That rhyme is for you Aidan 🙂

Smoked Salmon Creamed Fettucine (P420 +SC) with grilled Pizza Omellet

I ordered the smoked salmon pasta. Everything seems to be perfect — al dente pasta, right saltiness in the salmon, and clean creamy sauce. I appreciated the ingenuity of pairing the pasta with mushroom omelet on top of a flat crunchy pizza base. I also liked the clean 3D presentation of this pasta dish. It is very hard to complain about an almost P500 pasta dish if it tastes this good.

Prawn Rigatoni Pasta in Garlic and Olive Oil (P480 +SC) with Prosciutto and Aragula Toast

We finally met with a long lost friend, Cai and she ordered the Prawn Rigatoni Pasta. Check out the other pasta dishes (see Soups, Pasta & Filled Bread )

Lamb Chops (P1,100 +SC) with grilled fruits, and appropriate sauces, and a choice of Rice, Mashed Potato.

My wife Rache loves lamb chops which is one of the bestsellers in the house (see Main Dishes, Steaks, and Desserts). It is predictably good but nothing special. The presentation could be improved by using a different plate or being creative in its arrangement. The hollandaise sauce (white one) tastes like liquid butter and the au jus (black one) made of brown stock and rosemary complemented the taste of the lamb.

I was pleasantly surprised with the awesome dessert line-up in Lolo Dad’s (see Desserts Menu). I would definitely go there just for the dessert. I would recommend a romantic dinner date in La Regalade or Hotel Cicou and then hop on to Lolo Dad’s for dessert.

Chocolate Almond Segafredo (P200 +SC) Orange Popsicle and Berry Sauce

This is the best dessert for me. It taste like chocolate powder densely packed into a bar mixed with almond nuts. It is rich in chocolate taste and crumbles every time you bite into it. It is best to mix it with slices of oranges. The Dalandan popsicles are a must try!

Baked Cheese Cake (P250 +SC) Lavender and Honey Ice Cream with Fruit Compote

I would give this 5 stars for creativity. The cheese cake tastes like bread pudding with a pastillas consistently. We were turned off by the Lavender and Honey Ice cream which brings us memories of having a massage in the spa every time we tasted it. I don’t know why this is one of their best selling desserts.

This is the best table in the house! When you reserve, request for the leather chairs with long backrest and insist on the tables in front of the restaurant. The particular table above is located in the front corner of the restaurant.

Congratulations to Ariel Manuel for a successful Lolo Dad’s Brasserie opening in 6750! I hope to meet him one of these days with Aidan. (The shot above was taken at around 5pm and I was surprised that all of the tables were reserved.)

Lolo Dad’s Brasserie
Ground Floor 6750
6750 Ayala Avenue Makati City
Telephone Number: +632 8136750 (Reserve!)


Text and Photos by by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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