The second time around was more fun. Rache is more confident now to attempt the zip on her own.

We knew the drill and we felt totally safe. The thing that will scare you is thinking about “what if you fall?”

You need to relax and just fly like superman.

This is the first zip line which measures 380 meters in length point-to-point (which means it is one continuous line).

After the 380m, you hike up for a few minutes to a higher elevation to zip back on the 400m zip line.

This is a much faster and scarier zip line than the first. 400 meters is so far the longest zip line point-to-point in the Philippines.

The world record is 2 kilometers in South Africa (see Pronutro Zip 2000). Camp Sabros plans to beat that world record. Would you ride a 2km+ zip line?


Text and Photos by by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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