Update 1/16/2019Yoki’s Farm: The Biggest Hydroponics, Coolest Zoo & All-Day Breakfast Restaurant!

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We drove for 30 minutes crossing over the Tagaytay Ridge and finding our way to Yoki’s Farm. It is a hydroponics farm which houses a private collection of Yoki’s artifacts collection.

The vegetables are not grown on soil but on water with nutrients. We love buying our salad ingredients here which is one of the sources of Tagaytay Greens for Tagaytay’s famous restaurants..

Aside from Yoki’s treasure, buying cheap and good quality vegetables is one of the highlights of the leg of this tour.

You have to get a special permission to see the private collection at Yoki’s farm.

We would usually go around the simple farm as a break before we head off to our final foodie destination.

Don’t forget to take your lucky picture with one of the biggest buddha I have seen in Manila.


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