Lulubelle has the best ambiance among all the Frozen Yogurt establishments we have visited to date. The hot pink & white ambiance with purple pink christmas tree accent draws you inside this little corner store at the 3/F of Rockwell Power Plant Mall. The Lulubelle logo resembles the cow version of Santa Butsiki of Ang Unang Baboy sa Langit. Lori has the scoop on why it is named Lulubelle in her post, “A Cow Named Lulubelle”.

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These days, we are training Aidan on how to boost his self confidence. We asked him to choose what he likes by looking over at the counter. He preferred just the plain frozen yogurt despite seeing all the fresh fruits, chocolate and cereal topping options.

Lulubelle’s Plain Yogurt Small (P80) and Flavored Yogurt Small (P80) with granola toppings (P20).

We tried both the plain and strawberry frozen yogurt of Lulubelle. The tanginess and sweetness taste of the frozen yogurt was a bit awkward. We should have listened to Lori’s recommendation to try out the smoothies instead. Have you tried Lulubelle’s frozen yogurt already?

Lulubelle is a sister company of Fruits in Ice Cream. I don’t quite understand why Lulubelle’s FIC Ice Cream is 30%+ more expensive than the Fruit in Ice Cream Stall at the ground floor of Rockwell. Maybe the serving is more than what the FIC stall is serving and you pay the premium for the ambiance and the topping options.

Lulubelle is the frozen yogurt dessert place to be in Rockwell.

3F Playground area and at the opposite end of Fully Booked
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell
Telephone: +632 515.8129


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