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The highlight of the Ilog Maria Tour is the honey tasting straight from the honey bee comb. (I heard Paul Calvin tried to do this kind of honey tasting in their restaurant)

At first it was scary because you don’t know how clean the bee hive is.

But once you tasted it, you’ll swear that it is the sweetest honey you ever tasted.

The best part of the trip is shopping from the Ilog Maria Store. My wife would often have pabilins to buy from Ilog Maria.

Ilog Maria Store
Telefax: +63 46 – 865 – 0018.
Email: [email protected]
Mailing Address: P. O. Box # 1 , Silang 4118, Cavite, Philippines

Our favorite Ilog Maria Products are the Lip Balm, Oatmeal and Spearmint Soap, and the Insect Repellant. What is your favorite Ilog Maria product?

Here are the current pricelist (as of October 2008)

Virgin Honey 500g (P230)
Honey Cider Vinegar (P115)

Propolis Gold 30/ 320 ml (P110/ P930)
Propolis Throat Spray (P75)
Propolis Ointment B/S (P175/ P100)
Propolis Cider Linement (P95)
Feminine Wash (P45)
Liquid Soap – Lavender (P77)
Liquid Soap – Green Tea (P70)
Propolis Toothpaste (P155)
Propolis Pet Soap (P60)

Royal Jelly
Fresh Frozen Royal Jelly (14g/58g) – (P160/P600)
Royal Jelly Cleanser Moisturizer (P80)
Royal Jelly Honeymilk Lotion (P120)
Royal Jelly Face Oil (P110)
Royal Jelly Hair Oil (P110)
Royal Jelly Hair & Hand Cream (P110)

Fresh Bee Pollen 40g/225g (P100/P530)

Mini Soaps (P35)
Baby Soap (P45)
Mint & Oatmeal (P60)
Kalamansi Ginger (P60)
Bamboo Charcoal (P60)
Coffee (P60)
Sandalwood (P60)
Cinnamon (P60)
Lavender (P65)
Milk (P65)
Carrot (P60)
Rosemary (P60)
Rose Milled (P60)
Honey Glycerin Face Soap (P80)
Saddle Soap (P30/P80)
Shaving Soap (P110)
Propolis Bath Salts (P95)
Eucalyptus Bath Gel (P70)
Honey Face Scrub (P130)
Massage Oil: Floral/ Citrus/ Chamomile (P155)
Shampoo (Handy// Family) – (P70 / P140)

Lip Balm (P65)
Beeswax Hair Styling Balsam (P90)
Beeswax Sheets (P88)
Beeswax Clay (P90)
Candle Rolling Kit (P140)
Leather Balsam (P80/P130/P230)
Wood Polish (P115/P220)
Beeswax Candles

Aromatherapy Oil, 15ml (P90)
Sting-Less (P70)
Citronella Fly Repellant (P300/P275)

Gift Packs (P75/P85/P95)
Stoneware (P75/P85/P95)
Pineware Buckets (P75/P85/P95)
Pinewood Boxes (P75/P85/P95)
Native Bags (P75/P85/P95)

Ilog Maria Fresh Roasted Coffee (P170) 500g

It is also interesting to read on how Ilog Maria Store started . Here is a catalog of the Ilog Maria Products.

” Ilog Maria Honey Cider Vinegar is best for removing wastes & toxins from your body and improving digestion & bowel movement. Together with this inner cleansing action, Ilog Maria Honey Cider Vinegar changes your body’s chemical reaction from acid to alkaline in reaction. This triggers a host of beneficial co-reactions in your body. Wastes in our bodies precipitate as salts. Many times, these salt deposits are so large they cannot be expelled or excreted by normal body processes. These salts or “stones” only start to melt when we are able to change our body’s chemical reactions to alkaline by regularly drinking 1 tablespoonful of Ilog Maria Honey Cider Vinegar in a glassful of water every morning before breakfast. Because of these and many other beneficial body reactions, regular use of Ilog Maria Honey Cider Vinegar helps lower uric acid, cholesterol and blood sugar & arthritis (especially when taken together with Ilog MariaBee Propolis. Ilog Maria Honey Cider Vinegar also helps ease migraine headaches, melt gallstones, lower hypertension and melt kidney & bladder stones. ” (see The Farm – Fresh from the Bee Hive)

We love the natural soaps particularly the oatmeal and spearmint. I like the coarseness of the oatmeal and the minty cooling effect after using it.

We often use the sore throat spray with Bee Propolis at the first signs of itchiness of the throat due to coughs/ colds.

” Ilog Maria Bee Propolis is nature’s most powerful probiotic. Propolis is an essential part of the immune system of trees. It is a sticky resinous substance secreted by flowering buds and under the bark of trees. Our honeybees collect propolis to seal, varnish and, thus, disinfect their honeycombs and insides of their beehives. Ilog MariaBee Propolis possesses antiviral, antibacterial and fungicidal properties. It is even capable of destroying some bacteria & viruses that have now become resistant to modern synthetic antibiotics. Ilog Maria Bee Propolis is effective against infections of the skin, mouth, throat, respiratory and digestive systems. Ilog Maria Bee Propolis stimulates tissue regeneration, antibody formation and strengthens & stimulates the immune system. It is also effective in treating hypertension, arteriosclerosis and coronary disease. Dermatological disorders and rheumatism respond to propolis therapy. Ilog Maria Bee Propolis is a potent anti-oxidant, which combats the ill effects of eating processed and preserved foods. “ (see The Farm – Fresh from the Bee Hive)

Ivan Man Dy is the shopping winner bringing home P3,000+ worth of Ilog Maria products for his sister 🙂


Text by Anton Diaz and Photos by Rommel Diaz. Copyright 2008.
Email: [email protected]