Hot Dark Chocolate Drinks 5oz (P80)

We literally closed our eyes when we tasted the Ecuador Hot Chocolate Drink of Heavenly Chocolates. This new chocolate haven is teaching the foodies in Manila on how to enjoy cocoa from different origins (similar to wines). We fell in love with the strong full bodied Ecuador and we would recommend this for all chocoholics out there. For Aidan, we ordered the chocolate from Ghana which offers a smoother taste.

Flavor Guide to Cacao Origins
ECUADOR – Strong and intense, full-bodied, bitter, hint of smoky notes. For true-blue chocoholics.
GHANA – Smooth, rounded, uncomplicated. Well-received in Japan and Korea, and by children too.
IVORY COAST – Rich cocoa with a nutty flavor. Provides more than a third of world’s cocoa bean supply.
MADAGASCAR – Unique and exotic, with distinct fruity notes of raisins. Avaiable on Seasonal Basis
PERU – A Mild cocoa delicate floral notes, with a background of dry flowers. Currently in limited supply worldwide.

1 pack of Ecuador chocolate (P175). It was so good that we decide to buy our own Ecuador chocolate buttons so that we can enjoy the hot chocolate at home. We know that this pack could easily serve 5 cups.

Recipe for Hot Chocolate:
110 ml of Anchor Milk Chocolate
40-55g of chocolate origin buttons (with a scoop serving as big as the one above)
whipped cream (optional)

In a small saucepan, heat the milk until it just begins to simmer. Remove the pan from heat and whisk in the chocolate buttons until melted. Pur hot chocolate drink to a cup and top with tablespoon of whipped cream.
(recipe from Reggie Aspiras’ Kitchen Rescue Article)

I’m tempted to try my own chocolate fountain fondue at home. They sell unique chocolate stuff mostly coming from Singapore.

Heavenly Chocolate Menu: Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, Fondue Dips

The ambiance is simple and we were disappointed that they were not able to execute a “heavenly” ambiance. The signage is not well lighted and it looks like an ordinary chocolate place.

You can have a free taste of Sachi Nama chocolates!

Sachi is similar to the more popular Royce Nama Chocolates and it has the same melt-in-your-mouth experience. I can’t really taste the difference from Royce. If you buy one, you can only travel with it for 30-60 minutes without refrigeration. Unfortunately, they don’t have dry ice which they would give you when you buy Royce in Singapore.

Could this be the start of the Chocolate Craze in the Philippines?

The facade looks dilapidated and I wonder where are the pearly gates? I’m not surprised that they are not able to attract the crowd from Taste of L.A. Despite this, I highly recommend their hot chocolate!

Heavenly Chocolates
Benjamin Pedro, Chocolatier and Ellaine S. Sevilla, Store Manager
Unit 1, Roces Centre
127 Roces Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone: +632 666-2208
Mobile: +65 9743-9375 and +63915-788-2105
Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

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