Director Erik Matti’s F*#%^! Word restaurant is the latest hang-out place along C. Palanca which replaced Sake Club. Spanx, Ivan H and I decided to do our pre-production meeting here for the Ultimate Pampanga Tour this coming Saturday. We had fun figuring out what the F*#%^! Word stands for. The most likely meaning, if I would guess, is Filipino Fusion Food.

The open well-lighted restaurant entices you to go in and just chill out. Most people just drink and we found out the reason why after our dinner.

You cannot see the F Word logo from the outside but you can see all the cartoon paintings on the wall. The paintings are not for sale.

Peanut Butter Soup (P170).

When I invited Spanx and Ivan to F*#%^! Word, my hook was the peanut butter soup. We were surprised when we learned that it was replaced already by the pakbet soup. We were tempted to say the “What the F*#%^!” Word, but I’m glad that the waiter succumbed to our request and insistence to order the peanut butter soup.

As it turns out, the peanut butter soup is the highlight of our meal for the night. It tasted like curry with a peanut butter twist. It is interesting enough for me to rave about F*#%^!. I guess they want to keep the peanut soup as an off menu secret item 🙂

F*#%^! Word Menu
Appetizers | Soup and Salad | Pasta | Meats and Fish | Off the Grill and Dessert | Merienda and Sandwiches | Drinks

The menu has humor and it would have been funny if they were able to deliver with good food. The restaurant is promising but something has to be done with the people running the kitchen.

Spaghetti de Bilbao (P290). Guiltless all meat pasta for the ones who live to eat.

Ivan ordered this spaghetti and requested to remove all the cheese. This tasted more like tomato than meat. I don’t know if it was intentional for the meat to have subdued taste.

Ventre Croustillant de Porc Avec le Demi-glace de Pomme a.k.a. Lechon Kawali (P280). Crispy pork belly a la lechon kawali with apple demi-glace and pan fried apple-banana sidings.

With all the funny french translation, this lechon kawali tasted ordinary according to Spanx. It is just like the ones you can cook at home.

Sole Fillet with Seafood Paella Risotto (P380). Pan fried sole fillet with taba ng talangka-caper sauce on Paella flavored risotto.

My waiter recommended this Sole Fillet as the best food in the house. I fell for the upsell again and I tasted more salt in this dish than what I expected. The risotto was harder than expected. The dish concept is very good and I fell for it. But the experience of eating it makes you regret ordering it. I should have ordered the sweet adobo, Pork Onnie.

“Uber Healthy” Sisig Wrap (P230). Grilled Pork cheek, Pork ear, Pork snout, Pork sweetbreads, Chicken Liver and Butter wrapped in really, really fresh, healthy and green lettuce.

The waiter told us that there will be 12 pieces of lettuce which turns out to be only 3. You have to pay P40 for extra pieces of lettuce. There is nothing unique about wrapping sisig in lettuce. But this is a good appetizer to kick off the drinking session.

Ivan Henares and Spanx Hizon will be our tour guide for tomorrow’s Ultimate Pampanga Tour.

Durian Cheese Cake (P210). The taste of durian without the stench masked behind a creamy, tasty cheese cake.

We all agreed that this would have been a great dessert if it was not frozen. I guess it needs to be “Frozen” to conform with the theme of the resto.

I love the ambiance specifically the open ceiling with flat cylinder lights, cartoon painting effects on the wall, and the F emblem. I do hope Erik Matti improves the food.

F*#%^! Word
C. Palanca St., Makati City
(Besides Gweillos)

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.
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