Gorgonzola Pizza (P330). Tomato, Mozzarela, Blue Cheese, Oregano, Olive Oil.

I am skeptic about the good reviews of restaurants owned by artistas. I did not expect the pizza in Bellissimo to be really good. All the raves about Cesar Montano’s pizza was true after all. The crust is crunchy and chewy with the right amount of ingredients on top. All the pizzas are line-priced at P330 (P40 per slice) so all you need to do is choose the toppings and taste of your pizza.
We love the Tre Formaggi pizza of Friuli so we are looking for a “blue cheese” pizza like the Gorgonzola. We know that if we order the Quattro Formaggi pizza that the blue cheese will be drowned by the taste of all the other cheeses. The pizza servings are big and we brought home 2 slices to eat the next day.

Cannelloni agli Spinaci (P298). Baked Cannelloni stuffed with spinach and cheese topped with bechamel and parmesan cheese.

The cannelloni we ordered was reheated and our server was quick to admit it. We regret ordering a pasta that tasted like microwave reheated lasagna from last night’s dinner. At ~P300 per pasta, I’ll stick to the pizza. I guess that is why we don’t hear any raves about Bellissimo’s pasta.

Bellissimo Menu
Pizza Menu 1 | Pizza Menu 2 | Pasta | Antipasti, Soup, Insalate, Sausage, Entree, Gelato | Coffee, Hot and Cold Drinks

The menu is simple and reminds of the menu from any Amici-trained Chef Italian restaurant.

It was packed on a Monday night surprisingly. I like the siksikan-feel and Italianis-type ambiance. Meeting Angela Montano, daugther of Cesar and General Manager of the restaurant is a treat in itself.

It was refreshing to see this cobra snake toy which “bites” you when you press the red button. It is the first time I’ve seen one. Aidan was surprised, kept on pressing the red button and reacted the scared every time.

This garage-turned-into-waiting area was a cool touch. It resembles a tunnel that prepares you for a homey ambiance ahead.

This is the first corner after the T.Morato and Roces Avenue stop-light intersection.

Bellissimo Ristorante
Angela P. Montano, General Manager
105 Unit E & F Scout Castor corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City 1103
Telephone: +632 376-5746, 414-0274, 411-8335
Mobile: +63922 882-1701
Email: [email protected]

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