We wanted to try out Astralis by Diamond Hotel ever since it opened to give new life to the Rockwell strip.

Every time we visit, the restaurant is empty with one or two groups eating. We hesitated to try it because we find the ambiance boring, and we expected the food to be hotel prices with + 12% VAT and (We just verified that the menu prices are inclusive of VAT) +10% service charge added to the menu price. I really don’t understand why the prices are higher than the Serendra or Boni High Street restaurants. Despite the fact that it is located in a once-famous gimmick strip of a mall. In the end, we decided to go because we wanted a quiet date in a new restaurant we haven’t tried.
Astralis Main Menu
Appetizers, Cheese & Cold Cuts | Salads, Sandwiches and Tarts, Soups, and Pasta, Risotto and Gnocchi | Seafood, Meat, and Desserts | Drinks and Beverages

Tapas Selection | Red Wines | Sparkling and White Wines | Astralis Flights: Red Wines from 3 Continents | Vignoble des Verdots by David Fourtout and Vin de Pays Wines of France

The meal starts with a choice of bread with butter. The waiter was kind enough to bring us a pesto dip and a balsamic vinegar dip upon request. The sun-dried tomato bread tasted a lot better with the dips. One of the thing I like about Astralis is the attentive and friendly service that you can only find in hotels. After eating the bread, the waiter was kind enough to clean the crumbs off our table.

Baked double-broiled mushroom soup (P220+) with swirl of pesto cream.

The phyllo pastry cover was a nice touch and it added excitement to our mushroom soup. My wife loves mushroom soup and she orders it every time. She thought that it lack an ingredient to really give it the mushroom ommph. For me, it tasted like monggo soup because of its consistency and the flavor.

The restaurant is named after this expensive Astralis Wine. Astralis means stars and stands for high quality product and service.

Can anybody guess how much a bottle of Clarendon Hil 2005 Astralis wine would cost?

Sato-san’s Japanese Mentaiko Spaghetti (P460 +) spicy cod roe, nori on cream sauce

We love the combination of cream sauce with nori (japanese seaweed). We ordered extra servings of nori to truly enjoy this Japanese Spaghetti. It was served on an elongated white dish where two people can eat on both ends.

Chicken stuff with gorgonzola, mozzarella, and stilton (P390+) with mashed potatoes and grilled zucchini

We love the combination of the 3 cheeses highlighted by the strawberry sauce. According to the waiter, this is one of their bestseller together with the Wagyu Steak.

Astralis recently did a blogger’s PR event on their Astralis Wine & Raclette Buffet. Just search on google and you’ll easily find them. I like Noemi’s post educating people about the Raclette.

Astralis Wine & Raclette Buffet
Every Mondays and Thursdays from 5pm onwards
Wine and Raclette – Php 950+
Wine Only – Php 650+
Raclette only – Php 390+
For reservations call Astralis by Diamond Hotel at +632 703-2688

Astralis by Diamond Hotel
Lopez Drive, Power Plant Mall

Along Rockwell Strip, Besides Via Mare
Telephone Number: +632 703-2688


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