After 1,000 blog posts in 3 years and 10 months, our family is thankful for the 4,000+ OAP friends who read our family’s food and travel adventures. We are honored and blessed for achieving this blogging milestone.

An AWESOME THANK YOU to all our OAP Friends!

I want to take this milestone opportunity to share with you the results of the OAP survey conducted last June 2008. A total of 543 OAP friends responded to the survey. I read each one’s comment and reflected on how I can apply them to take OAP to the next level. I’m committed to constantly improve Our Awesome Planet until the day I have to pass it on to Aidan and Joshua. Based on the readership’s candid feedback, I would like to share with you my strategies and plans for OAP 2.0!

The Next 1,000 Blog Posts

1. The Mission of Our Awesome Planet:
” To use my never ending curiosity to discover new things and my internet marketing experience to inspire the minds and touch the hearts of Filipinos to live an Awesome Life in the Philippines! “

One of the secrets of OAP success is our desire to give as much value as possible to our OAP readers. OAP will continue to be the story of our family’s adventures. It will continue to be the number one source of food and travel insider’s secrets in Manila shared through word-of-mouth.

Our Awesome Planet will NEVER …
be formatted or written like a lifestyle magazine. I want to keep the content fresh, honest and most importantly, fun.
spam our readers with advertorials. I have a policy of not accepting any freebies from restaurants and hotels before or after I review them. I’m committed to remove any bias and perceptions of any conflict of interests in my posts.

OAP will continue to support blog advertising through Blog Bank, Google Adsense Network, and Red Sight Media. I will let the Blog Advertising Networks to talk to advertisers and create a firewall between us.

2. National Geographic Photography, Conde Nast Traveller Writing Quality and Doreen Fernandez Food Writing Caliber

I am committed to “kaizen” or continuous improvement. OAP is a historical view of my professional development as a photographer, travel writer, and food critic. I am happy that 82% of the readers are either Very Satisfied (50%) or rated OAP as Awesome (33%). The Photography is rated highly at 84.5% (44% Very Satisfied/ 41% Awesome!) – my photography classes have paid out. The Articles are rated 78.6% (58% Very Satisfied / 21% Awesome!) overall because they are relevant, engaging and honest.

For the next 1,000 blog posts in OAP, I’m focusing on improving my Writing. I aspire to write Philippines-related articles for Conde Nast Traveller. I’m inspired to write as good as Doreen Fernandez when it comes to food reviews. In order to achieve that dream, I need to improve the way I write. I already mastered writing from the heart, and I will master editing with the mind. I tried to get an editor for the blog but with the fast rate I am writing my blog posts, the editors cannot keep up. Releasing timely, relevant and engaging articles is key to the success of OAP.

I get the message loud and clear from the comments. Thank you for the concern and I can only return your love with noticeable improvement on my grammar and writing style.

3. Focus on New Restaurants and Travel Destinations in the Philippines

I tried to experiment with a lot of topics in the survey and most OAP readers love the blog posts on New Restos and Travel Destinations in the Philippines. I will focus 80% of OAP’s content on these topics. (20% will be focused on Aidan and Joshua and other cool topics.) To be specific, I will write more on proposed itineraries and budget travel deals. I will describe better the taste of the food. In order to do this, I plan to attend culinary classes and learn the ins and outs of the cooking process. I will also learn more about wines — watch out for it.

I got comments to make the blog less personal by not showing posed pictures of my family in the restaurants and places that I review. I acknowledge this comment but at the same time I cannot help featuring my family in most of my blog posts. What I can do is make the shots as candid as possible and less on the posed shots.

Culture and arts scene in Manila will always have a spot in my heart. From time to time articles on these matter will be seen in OAP. It is a personal advocacy to show the world the best of the Philippines.

As for the other topics in the survey, I decided to create separate blogs for them. I will announce them in due time. I promised not to write anything about blogging, internet marketing or IT related stuff in OAP. I agree it is not appropriate and I’m launching soon to tackle these topics separately.

4. Give Back to OAP Readers by sharing knowledge on Photography, Blogging and Building an Online Business.

As a way of expressing my gratitude, I am going to honor OAP readers by giving exclusive deals! The first batch of my Internet Marketing School will be offered solely to avid OAP readers. I will teach photography, blogging and how to build an online business to aspiring internet mavens. OAP readers will get a very good offer for those who want to be in the pilot group. This is my own way of saying Thank you!

5. Actively contribute to shaping the History of the Philippines in 2010.

The year 2010 is a historic milestone for the Philippines. I am excited because for the first time we will have a chance to shape the history of the Philippines. There are three events that will dramatically change our lives in the Philippines:

1. For the first time, the young will select the best President for the Philippines. Traditional Politicians should be scared. Don’t ever underestimate the collective power of the youth.

2. For the first time, Philippines will be in the Tourism Map of the World when Chocolate Hills in Bohol and Underground River in Palawan win as one of the seven natural wonders of the world!

3. For the first time, Internet Marketing businesses will boom and change the business model of the different industries in the Philippines.

I am sharing with you my personal predictions and I’m excited to see what will happen in 2010.

May You Live an Awesome Life,


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.
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