I must admit that I often dragged my feet whenever we would go to my in-laws for Sunday lunch with the entire family. When we started to have kids, I learned that having a family meal is one of the best gifts we could ever give our children. Last Sunday, I realized how blessed we were to be together. The children loved to play and it is always a riot when they meet. Sunday lunch would often be a coordinated potluck event between my wife’s siblings. It is a feast complete with dessert. We’d call our parents via Skype to greet them and express how much we missed them during these times. It is usually a long lunch with lots of chikahan about the latest happening in our lives. Often, it would be stories about the kids, latest finds or a new girlfriend would be introduced. After lunch, the kids look forward to swimming time and spend the entire afternoon in the pool until sunset. It is always a long farewell process whenever the kids part ways. It seemed that one full day is never enough for them.
I asked Aidan before we went to sleep that night, “Are you happy playing with your cousins today?”. Aidan paused and replied, “Yes Poppa, I’m happy!” At that point, I realized that these moments were priceless. We vowed not to take it for granted ever again and continue to create loving childhood memories for our kids and their cousins.

Our Awesome Planet supports the celebration of National FaMEALY Day 2008! This is my official entry for the FAMEALY VALUES: What I Learned from the Dinner Table Lucky Me! and Philippine Star Photo Contest!

Syoti Josh starting to type in the computer at 10 months old.

Josh and Aidan latest wacky photo.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008