So far, Delifrance is the best food available in NAIA Terminal 3. A sandwich would cost anywhere from Php 120-Php 240. We would order it to go and bring it to the airplane with us. Yes, you can eat on the airplane as long as the tray tables are stowed during take off.

Finally, I’m happy that we have a world class airport for our Cebu Pacific and PAL Express flights. Just another tip, Philippine Air Line EXPRESS terminal is in NAIA Terminal 3 and not in NAIA Terminal 2.

I made a mistake last Friday of assuming all Philippine Air Line flights are in NAIA terminal 2. My brother Rommel dropped us off in Terminal 2 and found out that we are in the wrong terminal. I’m glad that we had enough time (45mins before the flight) to transfer from T2 to T3 and catch the PAL Express flight to Busuanga. Did you make the same mistake before?
Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

PS. Here are the other food options in NAIA Terminal 3…

Go Nuts Donuts


A Sari Sari Store