2/14/2019 Update: Q&A Kitchen Makati Valentine’s: Is it Now Worth Going to? (A Review)

Update 9/20/2008 – I heard from my wife that the Valhrona dessert we are craving is not that good and it is really small than expected… Also, getting a buzz about La Regalade being a hit/ miss and the food is not consistent.

La Regalade by Mrs Awesome Planet

There are only a few times when I feel I’m in the presence of great food and dining in La Regalade Manila was one of them. It lives up to its name, La Regalade, which perhaps mean a place where you would often go to eat great food. I felt I was not worthy to review the newest French Bistro in town that would redefine the discriminating palate of Filipinos.

Eating in La Regalade is an education on fine French cuisine from a 2-star Mechelin Chef Alain Raye. La Regalade is the Manila branch of the famous French Bistro La Regalade in West Vancouver , and from the chef who authored the cookbook La Regalade, simple French Bistro Food at Home. (Any OAP readers from Vancouver who tried La Regalade in Canada and can share their foodie experience?)

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From the outside, La Regalade is intimidating because of the formal ambiance it creates when you passby Pasay Road. It didn’t help that we saw some foreigners and personalities in their nice looking clothes while we were in our casual jeans attire. Upon entering the bistro, some of the insecurities melted down because of the genuine smile and warmth greeting by the bistro staff. We loved the exclusive French-only background music which makes us comfortable little by little. Opened only for one and a half months, it is one of those places where you would create memories with your special love ones and price of the food is not even a consideration. If you bring a date to La Regalade, it sends a message that she is someone dear to you. Better book in advance especially on a Saturday night for they really get full and you wouldn’t want to be turned down with your date.

You can check out the partial La Regale menu so that you’ll be somewhat ready emotionally and financially. Most of the specials are not in the menu but are written on a black board above the kitchen counter. It would be reasonable to budget P1,000 – 1,500 (with wine) per person, you’ll see why when you are there for their special menu of the day. We would definitely come back to try the desserts which ranges from P350-P450 per dessert. I’m already curious how a P450 Warm Valhrona Chocolate Tart would taste like.

Soupes, Entrees, Plats Principaux (Main Courses)
La Regale Wines: Champagne, Sparkling Wines, White Wines
La Regalade Wines: Red Wines

The meal starts with a serving of baguette with butter. This is the only unimpressive part of the La Regale dining experience. They serve commercially available baguette with a simple butter.

Gratinee A L’oignon (P200). Gratinated Onion Soup.

On a rainy day, I always crave for hot french onion soup. This is a sweeter version of a French Onion Soup and uses locally available red onions which gives it a sweeter taste than expected.

Salad Regalade (P450). This is one of those moments where you eat this salad and you can’t help but just close your eyes in gratitude. My mind was overwhelmed and giving thanks to Him for all the blessings I receive each day and for the opportunity to be alive to taste this great food. My amateur palate can’t comprehend how a combination of squid, shrimp, bacon, parmesan cheese, spices and greens can be a spiritual experience. The salad seemed too perfect and I don’t want to ruin the experience by describing it in detail.

Navarin D’Agneau Aux Epices Et Abricots Secs (P750). Stewed Lamb with Dried Apricots and Spices served with Rice Pilaf.

The braised lamb is slowly cooked with dried apricots, spices, ginger, tomato, carrots and other secret ingredients. Only the tender lamb meat and the sweet carrot can be recognized when served. The servings are good for two but a typical Filipino would order more rice to go with the somewhat sweet sauce. I regret not ordering wine to go with this.

The ladies’ restroom is blessed with sofa chairs that would surely make every woman’s trip to the La Regale restroom a little longer. It is unfair that the men’s restroom is a bit cramp.

Even the takehome brown bag was designed well.

We love to eat in places where we can easily get a table pronto because we cannot let the tummy wait long at past 9pm.

Chef Alain Raye
La Regalade Manila
820 Arnaiz Avenue Makati City, 1226, Philippines
(in the middle of Paseo de Roxas and Amorsolo along Arnaiz Avenue formerly Pasay Road)
Telephone: +632 7502104, 750-2105
Website: www.laregalademanila.com
Email: [email protected] (Fritz Weber is the general Manager)
Mobile: +63 917-855 3652.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

P.S. Chef Alain Raye will be back in Manila on October 19. Fellow Frenchman Chef Pierre Cornelis is the current Executive Chef.