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This is probably my favorite AVenue restaurant at the moment. Focaccia Slice of Italy is the meeting of two of my favorites — C Italian Dining Panizza and Italianis FREE Focaccia bread. Finally somebody copied the panizza of Chris Locher’s C-Italian Dining in Pampanga and I must say it is really good. Finally, I don’t have to drive all the way to Pampanga to get a taste of Panizza.

Marina Pazzo Rollio (Mini P130). Fresh Tomato, Sundried Tomato, Garlic and Pomodoro.

Focaccia’s pizza is branded as Pazzo Rollio Crazy Rolls. It is best if you order the ones with meat like Milano, Prosciutto or Slice of Italy. The pizza is super thin cut-up diagonally into 8 slices for the mini and 12 slices for the normal one. You put arugula leaves and alfalfa sprouts at the end of one slice and carefully roll it up. You can eat it in half or just swallow the entire thing in your mouth. The arugula gives it a bitter finish.

Foccacia Bread with Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil, Chili Flakes and Parmesan Cheese. It is FREE but technically the cost is already folded into the prices of the other dishes. Their focaccia is the crunchier commercialized version. I actually love the balsamic vinegar, olive oil and lots of parmesan cheese combination and I can take any bread to go with it. So far, Focaccia is the best complimentary to that combination.

Tuscan Garlic Chicken in Parmesan Cream Sauce (P250). Baked Garlic Chicken served on fettucini noodles in parmesan cream sauce.

This pasta was a disaster and I regret following my waiter’s recommendation. I was tempted to return it because the pasta was overcooked and the chicken tasted frozen. You can check out the other dishes in their menu: Starters, Appetizers, Pasta, and Secondi Piatti, and Pazza Rollio, Drinks and Desserts.

Angelati Italia Gelato (P80). I love Angelati Italia but the gelato servings in Focaccia is so small that P80 pesos is like stealing money from you consciously. How I wish I Love Berries Frozen Yogurt opens already so that I don’t fall for this expensive gelato. I think the waiters need to be trained to put more gelato into the cup rather than air.

Focaccia a Slice of Italy
Ground Floor, A.Venue Mall, Makati Avenue, Makati City
Telephone: +632 729 9403


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