FREE APPETIZER. Singkamas with Bagoong Asya (asian flavor spices) and Bagoong Umaga (with Chili)

If you are looking for a unique Filipino restaurant where to bring your balikbayan or foreigner guests, you have to drive all the way to Bagoong Club (BC) in the Tomas Morato area in Quezon City. Most Filipinos are raving about this restaurant specializing on bagoong (salted and fermented fish paste). There are 7 variations of the Bagoong and you’ll encounter the first two– Bagoong Asya (P15) and Bagoong Umaga (P15), with the free singkamas appetizer. The traditional bagoong version is called Bagoong Lipunan (P15).

The Homey Cafe Restos of QC:

All Vegetable Kare Kare (P180). Kare Kare is one of their best sellers and the perfect partner for bagoong and rice. Bagoong Club’s Kare Kare is a bit sweeter and nuttier in taste. It is a bit different and seems to be created to match the Bagoong Lipunan that comes with it. What’s good with BC’s Bagoong is that you’ll never get tired of its taste. It is addicting and you can easily finish 3 cups of rice if you don’t watch what you eat.

Club Binagoongan Special (P240). Another favorite combination is the Binagoongan Tomato Sauce, Bagoong and Rice. It is better to just serve this binagoongan without the pork meat which are all fatty anyway. The sauce was wiped out like somebody licked it.

Check out the other combinations you can try with Bagoong: Bagoong Club Main Dishes Menu 1 | Bagoong Club Main Dishes Menu 2

Bagoong Club Special (P25) a mixture of our special bagoong and our secret ingredient. If the Bagoong Lipunan is not enough for you, try this deadly special combination of bagoong with taba ng talangka.

If you want to try all the versions of Bagoong, I would recommend you order the Bagoong Sampler for P100.

Bagoong Club Pasta (P190). Just stay away from the pasta dishes. I felt that I will have kidney stones with this dish.

Calamansi Torte (P130). Exclusively made for Bagoong Club by Chef Pixie Sevilla – Santos. You have a choice to end your bagoong food trip with Pastillas de Leche Cheesecake or the Calamansi Torte. Both desserts are very good and created by one of the Sevilla siblings who owns Bagoong Club. I prefer a contrasting Calamansi ending to our Bagoong Club visit.

Highly Recommended and you got to check them out in Tomas Morato area. If you are coming from St. Luke’s area, turn left to Tomas Morato and turn right when you see Starbucks.

Bagoong Club Resto
122 Scout Dr. Lazcano, Sacred Heart, Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: +632 929-0544, 929-5450

The Homey Cafe Restos of QC:



Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.