Currently, I’m inspired to promote really good Filipino restaurants. Technically, this is not part of the series 10 Restaurants We Love But Never Blogged Before. LA from Studio 23 News Central raved about this when we were in Sitio Remedios, Currimao. This is so far away from where we live but the trip was worth it! Check out Adarna Food & Culture 🙂

Adarna Food & Culture was conceptualized by partners Beth Angsioco and Chef Giney Villar showcasing Filipino antiques and different Filipino flavors around the country. The restaurant is a reapplication of Beth Angsioco’s Adarna house and the first resto for AHA-graduate Chef Giney Villar. The food and ambiance is quite unique so you got to check this out and let me know what you think.

Adarna Food & Culture Menu:
Soup | Salads & Vegetables | Appetizers | Historic Regional Dishes 1 | Historic Regional Dishes 2 | Historic Regional Dishes 3 | Rice | Dessert | Drinks | Cold Drinks | New on the Menu | New Desserts | New Cold Drinks | Heirloom Recipes 1 | Heirloom Recipes 2 | Old & New World Pinoy Plates |
(Don’t be intimidated with the menu, I’ll give you some recommendations below)

Coincidentally, we bought a book from Adarna House (in the recent book fair) about the Ibong Adarna. We read the story to Aidan regularly and we promised him that we will bring him to see Ibong Adarna. He would love to see that painting of the Ibong Adarna above. Adarna is a Filipino magical bird that can cure sickness just by listening to its songs and can turn you into stone with its poop. The restaurant was named Adarna to proclaim its Filipino heritage and the “magical” dining experience it offers.

I love to see old newspapers and this one with a headline about Magsaysay’s inauguration and later on his funeral.

Felicidad (P 120). A luxurious drink made from eggs, cream, milk with a splash of rhum and vanilla. Nice with a naughty streak. An unauthorized deviation from a secret originally wholesome family recipe.

This is something unique that you got to try. It is like drinking sweet cream that is very addicting.

Seafood Special (P471). A true-blue Manila family shares an Iberian style seafood dish of shrimps, scallops and fish in a flavorful tomato-olive oil suace topped with bell pepper, fried onions and parsley.

This is one of their best sellers. Adarna specializes on unique sauces like this oily tomato sauce that is sweet with a spicy kick in the end.

Piassok (P304).From Mindanao, experience this exotic Sulu dish of beef chunks cooked slowly in smoked coconut cream and ten spices till tender then buttered and grilled just before serving.

With a description like exotic Sulu dish, we decided to try this. The coconut cream is not offensive. The sauce is rich and complicated.

Batanes Yellow Rice Family Size (P130). From up north, a rice dish that is so simple it is elegant. Turmeric, garlic and a bit of pork flavors the rice for a special treat.

A different treat from your usual garlic or paella rice. I didn’t know they have this rice in Batanes…

Platanillos con Mangga (P150). Light cream on crepe twirled into a cone and finished with rhum-flavored mango slices.

Technically it is mango crepe but the light creme and rhum gives it a different yummy treat and a fitting end to the magical meal.

Room of the Stars

Adarna has two special rooms that you can reserve with a minimum consumable of P5,000. The first room showcases the partner’s collection of old movie stars.

Can you spot Vilma Santos and Tirso Cruz (see Bigger version)?

Check out these old Filipino Movie Actors and Actresses.

Room of the Carnival Queens

Before Miss Philippines, there was the Carnival Queens of the Philippines. It is the first time I heard about Carnival Queens and I’m starting to learn a lot about our rich Filipino heritage.

Check out the different Carnival Queens in their majestic poses.

Collection of Old Long Playing Discs… Too bad the LP player is not working…

Old Bottles Collection

I can’t identify any of the old bottles on top.

FREE old Sari Sari Store

Live out your childhood memories by grabbing any of the FREE goodies in this sari sari store!

Old Pinoy Comics, Old Softdrinks Trays, Takalan ng Kanin, Tirador and many more…

The Space Balloon is the best seller so it is often out of stock. You can get chocnut and white rabbit for FREE before you home.

Adarna Food & Culture
119 Kalayaan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone: +632 926-8712
Mobile: +63 917 961 8113
[email protected]


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.