One of the greatest lessons I learned from my PSI experience, is the principle of “Scoring as many points as possible without hindering the chances of other people to score points.” Ok, this is a bit vague. Let me give an example by applying the principle to selling West Side Story tickets. I know I’ve been promoting our Sept. 6, 8pm West Side Story tickets for weeks now. I’m also promoting Minnie’s Sept. 5 Opening Night show. But what about the rest? I’m really promoting the entire West Side Story and I would like to share with you the rest of the contact numbers for the other shows.

The frequently asked question about West Side Story is when will Joanna Ampil perform? Nobody knows except the people from Stages. This is also to protect the show buyers. There are theories that Joanna Ampil will perform on opening nights since it is a tradition in the theater that the senior actress are given priority on opening nights. But this is not confirmed.

Also, please buy directly from the West Side Story Show Buyers for them to maximize their profits. Most of them have charity institutions or foundations as beneficiary for their West Side Story sponsored show. Of course, we would love it if you buy your West Side Story tickets from us.

Sept. 5 Friday 8pm | Minnie Fong | +639178676332 [email protected]
Sept. 6 Saturday 3pm | CBN Asia | +632 8124747
Sept. 6 Saturday 8pm | Our Awesome Planet : Anton Diaz +63917 5683627 [email protected]
Sept. 7 Sunday 3:30pm | Catherine Zobel | Contact Angie: +63 9178981419 + 632 8438472 +632 7572984
Sept.12 Friday 8pm | Timothy Liong | +639178735405 [email protected]
Sept. 13 Saturday 3pm | Justice Raoul Victorino | +632 5529510 +63 9209389429 [email protected]
Sept. 13 Saturday 8pm | Marc Ong / Ria Buenafe | +63 9209623918 +63 9175349437 [email protected] [email protected]
Sept.14 Sunday 3:30pm | Marissa Saba | +639178637770
Sept. 19 Friday 8pm | SM-Contact Imee Aquino | +632 8349565
Sept. 20 Saturday 3pm | Christopher De Venecia | +63 9178908633 [email protected]
Sept. 20 Saturday 8pm | Benjamin Chua | +63 9209704089 [email protected]
Sept. 21 Sunday 3:30pm | Williamson Nocom | +632 4008716 +63 9228994647 [email protected] [email protected]
Oct. 3 Friday 8pm | Bruno Omlin/Khaki Delos Reyes/Evita Bunyi | +639167179186 +639184216565 +639052969055 [email protected]
Oct. 4 Saturday 3pm | 49 Polaris Productions Co. (Contact Emily Kho) | +639177956397
Oct. 4 Saturday 8pm | Mike Luakian / JayDuran | 
Oct. 5 Sunday 3:30pm | FILHARMONIKA
Oct. 10 Friday 8pm | Big Pounder Entertainment 
Oct. 11 Saturday 3pm |
Oct. 11 Saturday 8pm | Karylle Tatlonghari | [email protected]
Oct. 12 Sunday 3:30pm | STAGES OWNED


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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