Have you seen the Best Stand-Up Comedy Act in Manila?

I highly recommend Comedy Cartel if you are sick and tired of the usual gay comedy or slapstick humor in the comedy bars in Manila. I like the more intelligent humor (and sometimes green jokes) of the Comedy Cartel based on taboo truths about the Filipinos. However, I don't like some of the proteges' tasteless jokes about Christianity just to get a laugh from the crowd. Also, I'm hoping they could get a female stand-up comic to be part of the cartel.

I created a video sampler of the best jokes during the Laffamania last July 28 in Spicy Fingers. It features my favorite jokes by Eric Villarama, Alex Calleja, Mike Unson and Tim Tayag. It is guaranteed to make you laugh. You can watch the full Laffamania show every other monday by 8pm in Spicy Fingers. The show runs for two hours featuring the Comedy Cartel and their proteges. The next shows would be August 11 & 25, and September 15 & 29, 2008. They also have practice Open Mic sessions to test new jokes every 9pm Wednesday at my favorite wi-fi place in Serendra — Kape Isla.

The Comedy Cartel is a guild of professional comic artists whose aim is to expand and master the art of comedy beyond the usual definitions through the practice of the classic monologue form of standup and through sketch comedy. In other words, it was created to impress chicks…

This group is the first of its kind in the Philippines. As the Comedy Cartel, they hope to instill in each artist, professionalism, mastery, and respect for the art of comedy by providing training and building resources to further the craft. If they fail, then it's back to selling hot dogs!

The Comedy Cartel is composed of Alex Calleja, Stanley Chi, JB Dela Cruz, Marlon Olivan, Tim Tayag, and Mike Unson. Other members include: Vic Anastacio, Trian Lauang, Red Ollero, Uli Oposa, Chickie Manio, Ryan Puno, Raffy Taruc, and Eric Villarama.

The Comedy Cartel is exclusively managed by:
eCircle Entertainment (www.eCircleEntertainment.com).
Telephone: +632 533-9316.
Mobile Number: +63917-8860706.
Email: [email protected]