8 Best Things I Miss About P&G.

It is very hard to leave a company you loved for more than a decade. Like in any other love, you need to put a proper closure to it before you can move on. Allow me to put a proper closure on this part of my life by sharing with you the 8 Best Things I Miss About P&G.

When I graduated from college, there are only two things that I gained from 4-years in the University. (1) I learned how to study and teach myself new skills. (this would include cramming skills if you are on a tri-semestral schedule) (2) I gained a network of college friends who would help me later on in my life. I never remembered the subjects taught or the different extra-curricular activities I did in school.

As I reflect on my professional IT career, there are only three things that I gained from it. (1) I learned skills on project management, coaching, strategy and leadership. (2) The legacy of people I recruited, coached, and trained in P&G. Lastly, (3) a handful of true friends who really care about me and my family. I never remembered the stressful projects I worked on or the superficial relationships with other people in the office.

1. I miss my true P&G friends — Mong and Willeus. The three (3) of us entered P&G at the same time — June 5, 1995 straight from college.

2. I miss my dream IT team. To my Phils MDO and GBS Consumer Solutions team, it was an honor working with you guys!

3. I miss the P&G Marathon team. I am a marathoner. Thanks to Jim and all the pioneering members of the P&G Marathon Team.

4. I miss the sleep pod and innovative workspace environment that people loved. These days I work in innovative wi-fi cafes and hot spots.

5. I miss the Phils Leadership Team and the brand teams. I will continue to pray for you guys and keep up the fight!

6. I miss the Asia IDS team. You guys are the best IT professionals I worked with. Thanks for the support and camaraderie.

7. I miss the Halloween Children Parties. Aidan won the best Halloween Costume for two years in a row. Too bad, he won’t be able to defend his title.

8. I miss the P&G Christmas Basket. Every December, we would often receive a basket of goodies for Santa enough for the noche buena.

Thank you for listening to my sentimental post. I’m now ready to move on…

Live an Awesome Life,


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.