Reading Mom’s a Stewardess feels like reading the woman version of Bo Sanchez.

I travelled to Bohol to do a research on what an Ultimate Tour of Bohol would be. I only planned to spend two (2) days to explore the Chocolate Hills tourist route and Panglao Island. Unfortunately due to airplane flight constraints, I had to extend my stay for another day. I knew that I don’t have anything else to do on the third day except wait for the boarding time for my flight back to Manila.

I don’t know why I settled for this kind of predicament but I felt that I had to do it. I realized later on that it is God’s way of pausing my busy life. In that moment of peaceful existence waiting for my 5pm flight back to Manila, I finished reading Angel Viloria’s book : My Mom’s a Stewardess.

How I wish that I could write a book called “My Dad is a Steward”. I’m still in my “personal searching” stage. In a way, I find myself following Angel’s life path…

I decided to quit my CIO job for one of the best multinational company in the Philippines after close to 13 years of loyal employment. It was my first job so it was difficult leave. I felt like a traitor leaving all my stressed friends behind in the front line of the battle for improving consumer’s lives.

Angel left her professional career in the Philippine (audit) Rating Services Corporation for 14 years. Like her, I found peace in the company of my family, friends, and OAP friends after resigning. I became more thankful and in constant search for a meaning in life.

I’m happy that Angel accomplished her dream of becoming a published author. Like her, I’m eager to publish my OAP book: 100 Awesome Experiences Only in the Philippines.

Mom’s a stewardess is certainly a blessing for me. It gave me a reassurance that I’m on the right path and direction in life. It fueled my search for knowing more about Him and finding my own steward niche.

I wanted to be part of Bo Sanchez’s Light of Jesus Community but don’t know anybody who is a part of that community. Sometimes, I wanted to give back to my alma matter, Don Bosco Makati and support all the Salesian’s projects and undertakings. I also had an encounter with the born again organization and got invited to the Union Church’s Bible Studies.

Also, the book left me reflecting on how I would celebrate my 40th Birthday, 6 years from now. Or, how my 10 years Wedding Anniversary would be like. Thanks Angel for inspiring me and blessing us with your stewardship stories.

I’m giving away a FREE copy of Mom’s a Stewardess Book to the first OAP reader who wants it. I want it to be a viral book where after you read it, you promise to write a comment on the book and give it away to the next person. In this way, this viral book will be able to bless more people all around the world!

It was indeed a blessing being stuck in Bohol on my third day. I was able to write this reflection.

May God Bless You and May you Live an Awesome Life,


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.