On 8-8-08, instead of watching the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, I witnessed the launching of the new GK Designer Village (GK 2.0) by Tony Meloto and the grand vision for Taguig 2.0 by Mayor Freddie R. Tiñga!

All the best architects in Manila will be helping to design the next level of GK community. The best architects for the least of our brothers (and for the least fees). The new GK community looks like the HDB (Housing & Development Board) Condos of Singapore. It would be low cost condominiums designed and supported by the countries top architects: Bobby Manosa, Bong Recio, Jun Palafox, Edith Oliveros, Budji Layug and the top architects of the United Architects of the Philippines! The first GK Designer Village site will be created in Taguig along C5. No doubt, GK is building a First World Philippines and raising a First Class Filipino.

“To build a nation is to have direct impact on the lives of the poor and to influence those who have the power and the means to help them. It can start with charity but it must be a work of social justice to even the playing field and to recognize that all Filipinos are equal in worth and dignity. It begins with the heart where love resides, but it must be sustained with excellence and stewardship. We have to raise Filipinos to be first-class citizens in the Philippines so none of our people will feel second-class anywhere in the world.” – Tony Meloto

Aside from being a Tony Meloto fan, I’m now a fan of Mayor Freddie R. Tiñga. He is transforming Taguig to be world class city by leveraging on technology to solve social issues in our country today. To bridge the gap between the public school education and private schools, he is implementing a distance learning program in the public schools. It would be equipped with Video Conferencing facilities to get the best teachers to educate the students of Taguig.

He also envisions Taguig to be the first 100% WIMAX city in the country! Yahoo! He is doing it by creating his own telecommunications company in Taguig. In my previous job, I worked with Smart and Globe to influence them to give unlimited broadband access for free or minimal cost. But the Telco giants are controlling unlimited broadband access for fear that it might have a huge impact on their voice business. I admire Mayor Tiñga’s vision and if Globe/ Smart won’t do it, he will build his own telecommunication system. Clap! Clap!

Did you know that Taguig will be equipped with 194 surveillance cameras by the end of 2008 and 400 cameras by end of 2009? They use Israeli technology for their cameras such that they could monitor the entire city virtually and they can even zoom in on plate number as needed. This would significantly reduce the crime rate in Taguig.

Lastly, he is planning to build a new modern airport in Taguig with better runway facilities, and to automate 100% of all the government transactions. Wow! All I can say is, let me know how I can help you, Mayor Tiñga, and I can offer my services and expertise to the city of Taguig.

I’m glad that we made a great decision to move from Manila to Taguig City. I’m voting Tony Meloto for President in 2010!


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.