The Comedy Cartel – The Best Stand-Up Comedy Act in Manila!

Here is an awesome tip for you. If you are in Serendra on Wednesdays 9pm, why not attend the Comedy Cartel’s Open Mic Session for FREE at Kape Isla? They would usually try new jokes in this open mic session so it would be fun. You’ll get to see Mike Unson bomb on some jokes. I brought my family last Wednesday at Kape Isla, and Mike Unson is the only comic who was able to make my Mom laugh. Of course, the rest of the gang were great as usual.

If you decide to eat in Kape Isla, you can order in Healthy Kitchen and have the food delivered at Kape Isla. It is perfectly OK because they have a partnership. Also, you got to try the local coffee @ Kape Isla. Enjoy!

Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.