10 Tips When Watching Cinderella in CCP Main Theater

1. Don’t bring your camera. You would have to deposit your camera with the security guards. You don’t want the hassle of lining up to get it after the show.

2. The show starts on time at 8pm. There is a major construction along Vito Cruz which creates a traffic jam around the CCP area. Target to be in the CCP area around 7pm. There are plenty of parking spaces beside CCP.

3. Mobile phones are allowed. Please turn it off or put it in silent mode. I hate it when a phone rings in the middle of the show.

4. Buy the Souvenir Program. It would cost you P200 for the souvenir program. I also bought the original soundtrack of Lea Salonga’s Cinderella for P550. Buy them during the intermission period. I still regret that I did not buy the Miss Saigon Manila Souvenir Program.

5. If you are watching in Balcony 1 or 2, please bring binoculars. In the balcony section, you can only appreciate the music and see the live orchestra. You can’t see the facial expressions not unless you have binoculars. Also, you won’t be able to see the top portion of the stage.

6. My favorite performances are the Impossible/ It’s Possible and Step Sisters’ Lament. Impossible/ It’s Possible is the last act before the intermission where Godmother turns the pumpkin into a golden carriage, the mouse into horses, and Cinderella into a beautiful princess. Step Sisters’ Lament is the sour graping of Joy and Portia over Cinderella which is the third song after the intermission. Don’t miss it.

7. Sleep before watching it. Some of the love songs can have a lullaby-effect and induce sleep. The plot of the story is of course predictable. Watch it for Lea Salonga, for the lavish costumes, and for the enchanting waltzes and marches.

8. Watch it with your daughter. This is one of the musical plays where you should bring your daughter. It is very inspirational.

9. After the show, eat in Ice Bergs. The nearest hangout place is Harbour View Square besides CCP. You can hangout in Starbucks, Figaro, Dencio’s, Pancake House or Ice Bergs after the show.

10. Don’t miss watching Cinderella. The cheapest ticket is P500 Balcony. I would recommend to watch in the lower area if you can. You can buy the tickets in National Bookstore outlets. Cinderella will play in the Philippines from July 29 to August 24, 2008 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the tour will also play in mainland China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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