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Choi Garden-21
Our family loves chinese food. On my father’s birthday, I reserved this special chinese restaurant — Choi Garden in Annapolis Greenhills. It is seldom that you hear a buzz on Chinese restaurants. Most people rave about Choi Garden because of the food prepared by their Hongkong Chef and the interesting interiors.

Choi Garden occupies the hole left by Country Waffles in Greenhills. It has two floors — the first floor is for shabu shabu, while the second floor is for fine dining. For special occasions, better reserve the rooms on the 2nd floor. The first floor is for casual meetings and romantic dates. Better reserve to get the best seats in the house. I love the dramatic tunnel entrance, and the interesting chandelier lighting effects. The word “opium den” comes to mind (I don’t know why) when I entered the first floor because of its bloody motif.

The specialties of the house are usually not found in the menu. Choi Garden is famous for their Pigeons (which you have to order in advance) and 3-way Lapu Lapu.

Choi Garden Pigeons (P350/ pigeon). I don’t eat pigeons ever because usually it is oily and rubbery in texture. This is the first time I’ve eaten pigeons because it is a bit crispy without the oil. A must try in Choi Garden for special occasions.

3-way Lapu Lapu (P3,000). First, the lapu lapu is served in Miso Soup. We kept raving about how good the soup is. It tastes like Japanese miso soup and appears like Lapu Lapu sinigang with a smoother taste.

The second way is to steam the lapu lapu with brocolli. The fresh and soft taste of lapu lapu stands out. There is no need for seasoning. My mom kept raving about this!

Finally, the rest of the lapu lapu is cooked adobo style in hot pot with tofu. This one got mixed reaction because it was mixed with meat and adobo sauce was super thick.

We also ordered the Crab cooked in Singaporean Chili-crab style. The sauce is a bit gingery in taste. (I don’t know why Manila can’t reproduce an authentic Singapore chili-crab?) We should have stopped with the pigeon and lapu lapu.

Of course, we ordered birthday noodles for my Father’s Birthday.

This is the best room in the fine dining area located behind the massive Choi Garden logo. (Minimum consumable isP8,000)

Happy Birthday Popsy!! Brobo and Ate Mina — we missed you in Popsy’s celebration.

Choi Garden Seafood and Shark’s Fin Restaurant, Annapolis
# 12 Annapolis St. cor. Purdue St. San Juan, Metro Manila
Telephone: (+632) 727-6042 , 727-7489,  726-8987
Email: [email protected]



Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.