I love blogging and I’m addicted to it. I love it not because of the money or fame it brings but because of its essence. It came to a point in my P&G career that I had to choose between a senior IT management career or a professional blogging and internet marketing career. I decided to pursue what I love and what keeps me burning inside. Let me share with you what the essence of blogging for me is and why you should blog too.

1. Our Blog is a love letter to our sons. OAP and Mrs. OAP blogs are proclamation of our love to Ahiya Aidan and Syoti Josh. The blog entries are written memories of our family life and a testament to their childhood. We want them to relive the fun when they grow up. We want them to feel how much we love them by sharing with them our hopes, dreams and aspirations despite the struggles in life. We want them to see how we reached for our dreams during this time of uncertainties.

2. I’m writing the modern history of the Philippines. I firmly believe that bloggers will shape the country’s future. I want to write the history of the Philippines based on my family’s point of view. I write from the heart because I want to capture the feeling of the moment in time in the Philippines. I’ve always wondered what Boracay would looked like in its virgin state. This fueled my passion to write about the virgin state of our beautiful and undiscovered beaches. History has never been this personal.

3. To sow good deeds. The Law of Fairness states that: What you sow is what you reap. If you sow positive good deeds, expect to receive a lot of good deeds in return. I’ve proven this law many times over. When I write something negative about somebody with malicious intent, I always get negative feedback and criticism in return. When I proclaim about the goodness of people and places, I reap a following that I never imagined would happen in my lifetime. I love to rave about places without expecting anything in return. I know that when I rave about them, I bring in a lot of business that they deserve. I also know that they will pay it forward in terms of great service for more people.

4. Ninoy Aquino is a blogger. If Ninoy was alive today, he would be one of the top political bloggers in the Philippines. Blogs are platforms for advocacy. You fuel the flames of the advocacy on each blog post you writeBlogs are infectious if used with pure intentions.. Bloggers with advocacy are the modern Ninoy Aquinos of this country. Don’t expect to build an advocacy in a few months time. How long do you think Ninoy took to flame the hearts of the Filipinos? I imagine that Ninoy had to do a lot of speeches and press releases to communicate his advocacy. As a blogger, you can now do it anytime you want to and as frequent as you want to.

5. Inspire 1 Mind, Touch 1 Heart. This is my personal mission in life. I get fulfilled every time a reader would tell me that I inspired them or I touched their heart. No amount of SEO tactics can do this. A blogger needs to talk from his heart every time. The goal of every blog post is to give the readers an “Aha!” moment or to make them cry. I would rather have a tear or an inspired thought any time instead of six-figure-adsense dollars.

6. To have fun. A blog is your ticket to blog contests and blogging parties. It is also a marketing medium to become famous in your niche. It is your own platform for debates and to share your point of view.

7. OAP is my personal art space. All bloggers are artists and blogs are their creative outlet. Each blog post is an expression of oneself. If you carefully examine it, the blog is the digital persona of the artist. Like any work of art, you can marvel at how magnificent the person is. Blogs are priceless if you do it with passion and not for monetary purposes.

8. Build personal brand. Your blog defines who you are, your values/principles, and purpose in life. If you are lost in life, expect your blog to be lost in the blogosphere as well. If you are just blogging for the money, expect your blog to look like adsense dollars by doing all the SEO tactics possible at the expense of your personal brand. If you are a leader, there is no doubt that you will be a King in your niche.

9. I write to globalize the local. I want to bring to the world’s attention the significance and essence of the Philippines– that we are not defined by our corrupt politicians and pathetic public servants. We are a nation that loves nature. We are a nation of people who are talented and can compete with the best of the best. We are Filipinos. Happy. Positive. God-loving.

10. To live forever. Julia Campbell is not dead. She is alive in her blog, just read Julia in the Philippines. If I only have 24 hours to live, one of the things that I would do is write my last blog post. I would write a blog post that would forever inspire the next generation of Filipinos. I would write a blog post that would forever express my gratitude to God, Family and all the people who influenced me along the way. This is why I try to write each of my blog posts as if it were my last.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

P.S. Thanks to Migs for inspiring this post.