You gotta try this! The White Hat is the closest frozen yogurt taste to Pink Berry. The yogurt is more on the creamy side with a tangy kick. This is the kind of frozen yogurt taste that started the fro-yo craze in the US.

They serve fresh fruit ingredients (finally!) unlike the Korean-owned yogurt establishments which include Cold Spoon in Clark and Yogurbud. What makes Pink Berry and Red Mango so unique is the assortment of ingredients. In White Hat, their signature ingredient is home-made cinnamon flavored granola. I would recommend that you combine the granola with any fresh fruit toppings.

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This one is super expensive. The small one (4oz) sells for P85 yogurt only while the large one (6oz) at P115. You would have to pay P35 for two toppings. Net, you would have to pay P140 just to indulge on this frozen yogurt treat. The Pink Berry and Red Mango in the US are expensive because their store is as big as a Starbucks cafe with bright funky colors. White Hat on the other hand is just located in a small booth in Mall of Asia.

Net, White Hat is recommended in terms of fro-yo taste, but it is expensive. It is definitely a healthier alternative than a Frapuccino from Starbucks.

Let the Fro-yo Dessert Craze begin!!

The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt2/F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia
(near SM Discovery Center)
Telephone Number: +632 727-4198Store hours: 10AM –

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